The redundancy of phone customer care

The redundancy of phone customer care

Start by reading this blog post, on Convince and Convert – A social media customer service win by DeltaAssist. For the time-challenged, here’s the gist – lady has a problem with Delta, calls customer care, they put her on hold, during hold she tweets to them, Twitter customer care helps her and she’s still on hold by phone customer care…. Read more →

Launching the 3rd front... the Twitter 3rd Front. Or, #t3f

Launching the 3rd front… the Twitter 3rd Front. Or, #t3f

I’m very, very (and very) tired of this, ‘You made fun of Narendra Modi plans website? You must be Congress!’ and ‘Oh you berated Congress for the Aditi Restaurant fiasco? You must be BJP’. Life isn’t so binary. Computers are binary; humans are NOT supposed to be binary (Yin Yang, Advaita and dualism can take a hike, please). This BJP… Read more →

Comparing organic success on Facebook with paid success

Comparing organic success on Facebook with paid success

Could you imagine the following situation? You run a city-based tabloid. You publish a fantastic human interest story and it goes ‘places’. If you only have a print edition (and no online edition), the best total audience for your story is your city. To increase your total audience, you could pay and advertise your story in a national newspaper and… Read more →

Why Johnson & Johnson India's print ad today irked me

Why Johnson & Johnson India’s print ad today irked me

Update, July 15, 2013: Looks like I’m not the only one questioning Johnson & Johnson’s stand on license revocation as something that select media reported! Maharashtra FDA seems annoyed with the wording in the ad. too! Maharashtra show-cause notice to J&J India (Business Standard, July 13, 2013) – Original post: As a parent who has stopped buying Johnson & Johnson’s… Read more →

'Why did you not like my soundtrack?'

‘Why did you not like my soundtrack?’

Recently, Medianama’s Nikhil Pahwa tweeted, some asshole from a startup called offering money to cover them. really pissed off. — Nikhil Pahwa (@nixxin) June 24, 2013 I had something similar, but without the money part! I got the soundtrack of a new film (as email attachment, all 6 songs – standard practice, actually, so won’t complain about the mode) from… Read more →

Thank you!

Earlier this week – Sunday night, to be precise – I lost the entire contents of my 8 year old blog called Milliblog. With an average of about 25+ posts a month since July 2005 when I started Milliblog, I had over 2500 posts! That’s something not easy to rebuild from Google Cache or Internet Archive. Yes, I did not… Read more →

10 non-social media observations on the Lemp Brewpub mess

Update – June 13, 2013: Lemp responds with a press release (courtesy NDTV) Lemp Press Release by ndtvonline – Original post – June 12, 2013 Lemp Brewpub is all over the place online, I see. A lot has been written about the blog post (now removed, but the contents can be accessed here) that caused everything… on Firstpost, Lighthouse Insights… Read more →