Tinkle seems to be way ahead of its times!

Tinkle seems to be way ahead of its times!

Got my son the latest issue of Tinkle. The 84 page comic/magazine seems to be way ahead of its times! For starters, the cover announces that it – the cover page – is an interactive jigsaw puzzle, thanks to Blippar mobile app! I wonder if Tinkle expects its target segment (kids!) to use their parents’ mobile phones (which needs Blippar… Read more →

Native charity advertising - debating Freecharge's #NepalEarthquake relief effort

Native charity advertising – debating Freecharge’s #NepalEarthquake relief effort

Yes, you read that right. Native advertising: A form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Charity: The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. Cause marketing: Associating a brand or product with a cause, for the long-term… Read more →

Social media monitoring is like insurance. And there are 'tax benefits' too!

Social media monitoring is like insurance. And there are ‘tax benefits’ too!

The day the Earthquake struck Nepal (last Saturday – April 25), Lenskart made a terrible gaffe on Twitter (and on a text message broadcast). This. Apparently, they were not the only one and Social Samosa had a round-up of other brands who goofed up with their social media messages by being massively insensitive and plain dumb (Being socially insensitive –… Read more →

Flipkart, Airtel Zero and We The Lazy

Flipkart, Airtel Zero and We The Lazy

Kudos, Flipkart! You did the right thing by pulling out of Airtel Zero. I never agreed with the mob sentiment of uninstalling your app as a symbolic protest – it is symbolic and as easy as a Facebook Like. Thing is, people had choice – if they uninstall your app, they can shop offline, or on Amazon or Snapdeal. So,… Read more →

About the 'qualified reviewers should review' debate kick-started by an Indian film-maker

About the ‘qualified reviewers should review’ debate kick-started by an Indian film-maker

Note: This may seem more appropriate for my other blog, Milliblog, but the basis of what I’m exploring here is rather more about social media than about films alone.  It all started with Suhasini Maniratnam’s (Tamil film director Maniratnam’s wife and a noted, National Award winning actor herself) ‘ask’ to the media present in O Kadhal Kanmani’s music success event…. Read more →

3 questions about Indian e-commerce's mobile-only obsession

3 questions about Indian e-commerce’s mobile-only obsession

This current mobile-only obsession by Indian e-commerce brands throws up some interesting questions, inside my head. Some context, before that: Flipkart moves towards becoming app-only platform – Livemint http://bit.ly/1OkJRyc Myntra to shut down website by year end, to concentrate on mobile app: Report – Tech2 http://bit.ly/1xp6n43 Why e-commerce firms are rapidly shifting focus to mobile phones to lure customers –… Read more →