Taxi4Sure? TaxiNotSure seems more appropriate

Taxi4Sure? TaxiNotSure seems more appropriate

I’m *really* livid. They say one shouldn’t drive when you’re livid, particularly when you are *really* livid. I did try, however, because I was to join a panel discussion Afaqs was conducting in Bangalore. And it ended badly. Thanks to Taxi4Sure. The panel was slated to start at 6:30pm. I have been seeing so many recent reports about cab services… Read more →

An unintentional social experiment with Kit Kat and the image of India’s night sky during Diwali from space

As a annual fan of that fake Indian-night-sky-during-Diwali-from-a-satellite pic, I was waiting for it infiltrate our timelines this year too, on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. I even enquired if it has started, yesterday. What time are the satellite-images-of-India-during-Diwali pics slated to infiltrate our timelines and on Whatsapp? — Karthik Srinivasan (@beastoftraal) October 23, 2014 Then, a thought struck me. The… Read more →

Amul vs. Neha Tomar – 2 intriguingly ignored questions!

NextBigWhat has a guest post on what Amul has done to a customer’s post on Facebook when they responded to it, in turn alleging that her intentions are ‘malafide’ (now edited out by Amul). I don’t quite understand the significance of the ‘missing globe’ (though it is a good observation) since the rest of the text holds up as-is, from the… Read more →