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With its catchy Middle Eastern sound and Ash King’s cool vocals, Mashooqana is easily likeable. Gaurav unleashes his Mithoon’ness in Main dhoondne – neat, thanks to Arijit’s soaring vocals. KK is in his dependable self in the soft-pop Soniye, but the title song goes overboard and is rather cringe-worthy! Much like the otherwise tuneful Thanks […]

Thursday January 9, 2014 21:32

Gunday (Music review), Hindi – Sohail Sen

Jashn-e-ishqa‘s manic energy is wonderfully delivered by Javed Ali and Shadaab Faridi. Tune maari entriyaan is catchy South Indian kuthu all the way (even the Bengali version), including a sneaky homage the TKS Natarajan’s 80s cult Tamil song, Ennadi muniyamma. Jiya‘s backgrounds and sweeping melody are enticing, but Asalaam-e-ishqum sounds like unimpressive early Pritam material. […]

Punjabi Wedding Song is as per the name – adequately Sunidhi Chauhan, with the right sprinkling of English hooks. Shake it like Shammi is a genuinely interesting take on Shammi-era rock and roll; fantastic singing by Benny Dayal and innovatively groovy. Drama queen, despite the energy, is standard-issue Dharma sound. It’s in Manchala, Zehnaseeb and […]

The title song is heavily stereotyped, with odd South Indian influences too like ‘Parotta’ besides Paranthe. Party sharty is no different – assembly-line and at times out of tune too, thanks to Vasundhara. KK saves Tere bin‘s predictable Pakistani-pop sound, but Wind of Change‘s wannabe pop sound is plain annoying. Khidki se zara future aane […]

Of Sajid Wajid’s three songs, Baaki sab and Photocopy are unbearably banal, but Tere naina, that sounds like the love child of Bullet Raja’s Saamne hai and Dabangg’s Tere mast mast, is a neat listen! Amal Malik’s Tumko to aana hi tha is sappy and cheesy; the House mix (Love you till the end), even […]

Wednesday December 25, 2013 18:35

Dedh Ishqiya (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal, thankfully, does not sing Dil ka mizaaj, like Matru’s Khamaka; he gets Rahat to do the singing, resulting in pure, dulcet magic! Rahat’s other song, Zabaan jale hai, à la Jagjit Singh ghazal’s 2.0 version is equally good! The techno-mujra Hamari atariya, despite Rekha Bhardwaj, feels contrived, but she makes up with Jagaave saari […]

The title song‘s 3rd variant is more glitzy, pointless sound the original tune; Naya’s Arabic version feels mildly different thanks to the language. Malang sounds safe – throws in Middle-Eastern exotica, familiar sufi to concoct an easily catchy song. Kamli holds some frenzied and innovative orchestration, while conforming to YRF’s Punjabi guidelines. Mohit Chauhan carries […]

Mithoon overdoes his soaked-in-pathos sound in Baarish and Mujhe ishq se, both involving a searing ‘Yeeeeeeaaaaaareeeeyaaaaan’. The former works, in Aashiqui 2 mode, while the latter has Tulsi Kumar… ’nuff said. Honey Singh-composed Sunny sunny is frivolously catchy with clinical, repetitive hooks. Arko is saddled with the job of creating a ‘judai’ and an inspirational […]

Everyone involved in Chumma chaati – lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, composer Amartya and singer Shefali Alvares – are at their annoying best. Mind blastic isn’t any different; not annoying but incredibly staid, barring minor solace in those interesting interludes. Carlos is Javed Jaffrey’s show, but is all noise and no impact. Ae ji suniye, thankfully, makes […]

Amartya Rahut’s Goti jaam mixes heavy metal, Manoj Yadav’s funky lyrics and occasionally interesting guitar, but doesn’t really deliver. Amartya’s other song, Maasiji, is an embarassing mess! Mrigya’s Indraneel Hariharan has a winner in Samjhe na koi that layers Sarita Vardhan’s soulful Hindustani-style vocals to a funky and dubstep’pish sound! Dhruv Dhalla’s Saddi hobby gets […]

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