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Jubin Nautiyal and Altamash Faridi carry the Mohit Suri’ish melody in Ek mulaqat rather well; good work by composers Amjad-Nadeem too. Daniel B George’s Cheenti cheenti and Sapney are both catchy, while his somber turn in Sikkey works too, thanks to Amitabh Narayan, much like Raghav Sachar’s lone track, Mausam, by Kshitij Tarey. The soundtrack’s […]

Sneha’s Sound Trippin’ looms large over Engine ki seeti and Baal khade, the former, a Rajasthani funk riot, aced by Resmi Sateesh and Sunidhi, and the latter, a significantly more zany mix, with Sunidhi’s rendition making a huge difference. Maa ka phone too is pretty wacky, situationally, lyrics-wise and the supreme confidence with which Priya […]

Fanny re is so un-Goan, employs very Punjabi lyrics and is sung by a Rajasthani singer, Mukhtiyar Ali! The song has a wacky, distinctly-European sound, and carries an undeniable charm! The song’s other version, Mahi ve, is ditto, with just Fanny replaced with Mahi! Mathias Duplessy croons Ding dong himself and the French-Portuguese mix is […]

Ziddi dil works perfectly as a motivational track, thanks to Vishal Dadlani’s impactful singing and Shashi’s racy music. Mohit does the honors in Teri baari, the sound remaining energetic and lofty. Shashi’s other songs are significantly softer – Adhure is Sunidhi’s show, within the sweeping melody, Saudebaazi is Pritam melody material and Priyanka rules the […]

Tony Kakkar’s sole contribution, Sawan aaya seems like an odd, dated mix of Mithoon and Nadeem Shravan. The Unplugged version, despite being awkwardly sung by Tony, brings out the melody better. Mithoon opens his account with Hum naa rahein, yet another track that sounds exactly like any Mithoon number, but Benny’s soft turn offers good […]

Jeet recycles his own 2013 rock ballad Man majhi re from Boss admirably well in Sun le zara; the original Bengali song’s singer Arijit reprises his role as well. Singham Returns is completely insipid; it’s MBA swag remix, even more so! Ankit Tiwari’s Kuch toh hua hai is distinctly like a Vishal Shekhar number – […]

Kailash and Rahat offer their dependably good vocals in Tak dhoom and the song too flows smoothly with a lilting hook, despite the predictable package. Daagh de is incoherent and outdated, but Kailash gets Rekha Bharadwaj to add gravitas to the item’ish Patnewaali, that helps it surface beyond its templatized sound. The soundtrack’s highlight is […]

Dukki tikki obviously rehashes snatches of Variya from Pudhupettai, but what’s more intriguing is that it sounds more like a Thaman song than Yuvan’s! But he channelises the Bhatt-clan sound in his own way well in Tere hoke – thanks to Arijit too! Shweta Pandit’s reprise too is an excellent variant, orchestrated differently. Of the […]

The title song is a pleasant, catchy power qawali sung with the perfect verve by Javed Ali and Sunidhi – lovely listen! Mannat starts off dreamily, but eventually – and disappointingly – moves on to Sanjay Leela Bhansali territory, thereby diluting the impact completely. Rangreli, despite the energetic sound, is outdated 90s music. Ditto with […]

Johnny Johnny is insanely catchy and with such intoxicating lyrics that it may just be banned in Gujarat! Priya is particularly fantastic with the female vocals! Veerey di wedding treads on similar territory, and gets at least the hook bang-on! Tera naam doon is breezy enough melody and sung well by Atif and Shalmali, but […]

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