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Thursday November 7, 2013 21:09

R… Rajkumar (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Gandi baat would put to shame any Tamil/Telugu composer – perfect in its energetic kuthu appeal, brilliantly sung by Mika and Kalpana Patowary. Saree ka faal is no different – harmonious South Indian rhythm and tune concoction – wonderfully foot-tapping, with fantastic vocals by Nakash Aziz and Antara Mitra. Mat maari is where things get […]

Sharib and Toshi’s Kabhi jo baadal is Bhatt-family style sweeping balladry – Arijit’s version is the best, while Shreya’s pathos version pales in comparison. Mika composed Full jhol is annoyingly bad, while Remo Fernandes’ Bol bugger bol is annoyingly funny. Sridevi Keshavan and Janaka Atugoda’s Jackpot jeetna and Itek Bhutani’s Now you see – both […]

Gun gun, despite lively vocals by Parwati Kumari and Ambarish Das, is largely run-of-the-mill intro to Rajasthan. Behka behka is an interesting, racy, techno reimagination of Mr.India’s iconic number, sung well by Ash King and Teesha Nigam, while Bajan de dhol doesn’t work at any level. Intaducing Gul and Whacky zindabad get progressively more bizarre […]

Sonu Nigam composes and sings the title song – lovely tune steeped in the Punjabi milieu with incredibly high pitch vocals needed for the tune. The rest of the soundtrack is by Anand Raaj Anand, out of which only Heer makes a solid impact with its gorgeous, minimalist-sound melody sung fabulously by Sonu Nigam. Heer’s […]

Tooh, that hyper energetic Punjabi ode to the derriere, is adequately and frivolously foot-tapping. Chingam chabake seems to be pushing the luck – woefully derivative. Thankfully, Dhat teri ki brings the funk back – breezy, retro-styled coolth, with fantastic vocals by Sanam Puri and Aditi Singh Sharma! Dil duffer too, with Nitesh Kadam strikingly fresh […]

The title song has the same kuthu-energy as any other South Indian hero introduction song, while Don’t touch my body is adequately and simplistically bawdy. In the catchy Jai Govinda, the composers utilize the Pritam style quite effectively and also effortlessly appropriate parts of Mere naseeb main’s Sharma gayee interlude, while Satake thoko doesn’t have […]

Sunday October 20, 2013 21:29

Rajjo (Music review), Hindi – Uttam Singh

Mere dil ki train is a catchy opener, thanks to Shaan’s lively singing! Julmi re julmi is from the 80s and should have stayed there. But Kaleja hai and Kaise milun, the other two retro-styled songs are actually welcome – earthy sound, with Bela Shende in superb form in both; particularly the latter, with its […]

Bhoomi Trivedi’s convincing rendition makes Ram chahe worth it, and Sanjay rocks the techno-garba Nagada sang, aided by Shreya Ghoshal’s fantastic singing! Aditya Narayan comes of age in Ishqyaun and Tattad tattad, the former, cringe-worthy, and the latter, a South Indian-style kuthu, cooked to perfection! Mor bani‘s earthy sound is amplified by excellent vocals and […]

Friday September 20, 2013 21:36

Krrish 3 (Music review), Hindi – Rajesh Roshan

Krrish Krrish, with corny chorus, bizarre sounds and Mamta Sharma’s funny vocals, is embarrassing. Raghupati raghav is not far either – besides the obviously catchy rhythm pandering to Hrithik’s feet and sinewy body, the song is exasperating! You are my love ups the ante… Anand Milind sound from 90s and Alisha Chinoy sounding like someone […]

But for pronouncing it to mean not-so-appealing smell, the title song is a catchy hip-hop listen! Pitah se meanders along pointlessly and other variants of title song/theme end Meet Bros Anjan Ankit’s account swiftly. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Party All Night drones on even more pointlessly. Hum na tode, oddly credited to PA Deepak, and […]

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