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Tamil [Other Composers]

Devi koondhalo [Film: En Aasai Unnoduthaan (1983)] <TC>
Composer: Shankar Ganesh
Copied exactly from the song 'So happy together' by The Turtles!
Listen to Devi koondhalo | So happy together
Whoa, whatta copy!
En manadhu ondru thaan [Film: Avan oru sarithiram] <TC>
Composer: MS Viswanathan
Inspired by Beethoven's Fur Elise!
Yes, inspired!
Anubavam pudhumai [Film: Kaadhalikka Neramillai] <TC>
Composer: MS Viswanathan
Inspired by the Italian song Besame Mucho!
Yes, inspired! But very well Indianised by MSV!
Paartha nyabagam illayo [Film: Pudhiya Paravai] <TC>
Composer: MS Viswanathan
Inspired by the song 'Sway with me'! Looking for more details. Posted here is sung by Dean Martin.
Listen to Paartha nyabagam | Sway with me
Meghamai vanthu pogiren [Film: Thullatha manamum thullum] <TC>
Composer: SA Rajkumar
Ditto replica of the song Pakistani band Junoon's song 'Sayonee'
Exact copy! Also lifted by Deva in 'Kannedhire Thondrinaal' for the song 'Salomiya'
Welcome girls welcome boys [Film: Priyamanavale] <TC>
Composer: SA Rajkumar
Copied exctaly from Mr President's dance hit 'Coco jumbo'!
One more insipid copy!
Hey shabba [Film: Karna] <TC>
Composer: Vidyasagar
Ditto from Khaled's number 'Aye chebba'
Listen to Hey shabba | aye chebba
Exact replica, but Vidyasagar has included some good rhythm to the number in tamil!
Kalyana samayal saadham/ Vivaha bhojanammu [Film: Mayabazar] <TC>
Composer: Ghantasala
Partly inspired by the famous 'Laughing Samba'.
Listen to Kalyana samayal | Vivaha bhojammu | Laughing samba
Interesting inspiration, though!
Minnalai pidithu [Film: Shahjahan] <TC>
Composer: Manisharma
Inspired from the theme music of the movie 'The ghost and the darkness' by composer Jerry Goldsmith.
Listen to Minnalai pidithu | The ghost and the darkness theme
Good Indianization by Manisharma!
Film: Ullathai Alli Tha
The Tamil film Ullathai Allitha with music by Sirpy was a landmark film in a sense. Its one of those rare films (not sure if we got other movies like this!) where every song was copied/ lifted. It wasn't even a remake of another movie that the composer can give an excuse that the original's songs fitted well in the remake (it was indeed the remake of Raj Kumar Santoshi's Andaz apna apna in a way but the second lead of Salman in the Hindi went to a sidekick comedian like Goundamani!). The songs are inspired from various sources such as Bally Sagoo, Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas et all! Here goes the list which also includes the same original lifted in Hindi too!
01. Azhagiya laila - Copied from Hisham Abbas' Ahla ma feki
- Also lifted by Jatin Lalit in Yes Boss as Suniye to
02. Chittu chittu kuruvikku - Copied from the Pakistani/ Punjabi number Mera Laung Gawacha (popularized by Bally Sagoo). Also lifted by Hindi composers in assorted movies.
03. Mama nee mama - Copied from Nusrat fateh Ali Khan's 'Kinna sona'.
- Also lifted by Nadeem Shravan in Raja Hindustani as 'Kitna pyara tujhe'. Has also been heard in a lesser known movie 'Aise bhi kya jaldi hai'.
04. Adi anarkali - Copied from Mungo Jerry's In the summertime, popularized by Shaggy recently.
- Also lifted by Rajesh Roshan in Tarazu as Haseena gori gori
05. I love you sonnaley - Copied from Hisham Abbas' 'Wana wana'.
Megamey megamey [Film: Paalaivana Cholai] <TC>
Composer: Shankar Ganesh
Lifted from the Jagjit Singh ghazal, 'Tum nahi gham nahi sharab nahi'.
Listen to Megamey megamey | Tum nahin gham nahi
The lift is pretty much same with no major changes, but Vani Jeyaram's singing elevates this Tamil ghazal to new heights. In fact Vani Jeyaram fondly remembers this ghazal every time she talks about her career in Tamil playback singing.
Adhe Kangal <TC>
Composer: Veda
One of Veda's most popular films, 'Adhe Kangal' had 2 prominent lifted songs. I had earlier posted a few Hindi versions of the 1964 Walt Disney classic 'Chim chim cher-ee' from the movie Mary Poppins. A Tamil version can be found in Adhe Kangal too (the song 'boom boom boom maattukkaran'), but a fairly good improvisation at that. Another lift from this movie was the song 'Oh oh ethanai azhagu' which was a direct lift from the Venturers hit, 'Pedal Pushers'. 
Listen to Boom boom maattukkaran | Chim chim cher-ee
Listen to Oh oh ethanai azhagu | Pedal pushers
Maddy maddy and theme from Minnale [Film: Minnale] <TC>
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Harris Jeyaraj's debut film Minnale (Tamil, 2001) had a predominant theme playing in the background, 'Maddy maddy'. This was also converted into a song later and added to the subsequent audio releases. This song along with the background music that plays in the music seems highly inspired by Joan Jett's 1982 hit 'I love rock and roll'. I traced a copy of the 'Maddy' song from the net but couldn't get the background music that plays in the movie. That background piece is a much more direct lift of Joan Jett's number! Please don't compare the following two numbers....the maddy number is just a version of the bgm. If someone's got the bgm I'm talking about, please do mail me
Listen to Maddy maddy | I love rock and roll
Kadhalagi kadhalagi [Film: King (2002)] <TC>
Composer: Dhina
Lift from Sting's song 'A thousand years' from his 1999 album 'Brand new day'! 
Listen to Kadhalagi kadhalagi | A thousand years
Thathithom [Film: Azhagan (1991)]
Composer: Maragadhamani
The last portion of the song where it turns to a western tune is lifted from Michael Jackson's Liberian Girl. 
Listen to Thathithom (towards the end) | Liberian Girl | Thathithom (beginning)
Wonder what made Maragadhamani to resort to this! The tamil song was based on raag Dharmavathy. And I've added the opening segment of the song just to make sure people identify which song I'm talking about!
Pennoruthi [Film: Gemini (2002)]
Composer: Bharadwaj
Partly inspired by Shaggy's 'Why me lord' from the album Hot Shot (2000). 
Listen to Pennoruthi pennoruthi | Why me lord?
Moreso the portions 'Brahma o brahma....'!!
Thiru Thiruda [Film: Five Star (2002)]
Composer: Parasuram Radha
Heavily inspired by Aaliyah's 'We need a resolution'. 
Listen to Thiru Thiruda | We need a resolution
For a pair of debutant composers, this sure is a black spot...moreso after statements like "It's time Chennai shakes itself out of the Rahmans" [India Today - September 2002].
Kannukulle unnai vaithen [Film: Pennin Manadhai Thottu (2001)] <TC>
Composer: S A Rajkumar
Looks like a direct rip-off from the old Hindi song, 'Ruk jaa o jaanewaali ruk jaana'!! 
Listen to Kannukulle | Ruk jaa
Just reduced the tempo!
Parthiban Kanavu (2003)
Composer: Vidyasagar
Prelude in the song 'Theeradha' lifted from the Native American chant 'Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya'
Prelude in the song 'Enna Seyya' lifted off the track from the string quartet Bond's song, 'Fuego'. 
Listen to Theeraadha | Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
Listen to Enna Seyya | Fuego
The lifts in Parthiban Kanavu are not tune-lifts but mere preludes, but the reason why I'm adding them here is 'cos they have been lifted as-is, with no improvisation whatsoever. The song, 'Theeraadha' has a prelude chant that has been lifted straight off a Native American chant called 'Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya' (also called as the Counterclockwise Circle Dance!!) which has been adapted by quite a groups, including the Hungarian band Djabe (this version sounds pretty good - mp3 available in the website!) and also has a remix by the Utah Saints. It has also been featured in the soundtrack of a movie by name 'Wolves' and has been a prominent feature in a world music compilation album called 'Sacred Spirits' - from which Vidayasagar must have lifted it ditto! The second lift is in the much talked about song 'Enna seyya', which is the modern version of the 50s styled Tamil song 'Buck buck'. Again, the prelude has a string section that has been lifted from the String Quartet Bond's track 'Fuego' from their second album 'Shine' (2002). 
Ayya Sami [Film: Or Iravu (1951)] <TC>
Composer: Sudarsanam
Lifted from Edmundo Ros's 1945 track, 'Chico chico' 
Listen to Ayya Sami | Chico Chico
Also lifted by C Ramachandra in the film Samadhi (1950) for the song 'Gore gore'. See Hindi - Others, item 10. 
Muthama Ennai [Film: Sigaram (1991)] <TC>
Composer: S.P. Balasubramaniam
Lifted from The Turtles' classic, 'Happy Together' 
Listen to Muthama Ennai | Happy Together
Also lifted by Shankar Ganesh - Check out the first listing in this page!
Baba baba ali baba [Film: Pudhayal (1997)] <TC>
Composer: Vidyasagar
Lifted from Deep Forest's 'Bohemian Ballet' from their 1995 album 'Boheme'.
Listen to Baba baba | Bohemian Ballet
Silly lift!
Ulagam Engum Ore Mozhi [Film: Nadodi (1966)]
Composer: M S Viswanathan
Inspired by the American folk song, 'Tom Dooley', made famous by The Kingston Trio, in 1958.
Listen to Ulagam engum | Tom Dooley
Like any other Indian inspiration M S Viswanathan has used the Pallavi (opening) but uses his own imagination further into the track.
Trivia Notes: Besides the fact that it sounds a lot like Boney M's chartbuster, 'By the rivers of Babylon' (1978) and somewhat like Biddu and Carl Douglas' 'Kung-fu Fighting' (1974), the original Tom Dooley track has a long history! 'Tom Dooley' is actually an old country ballad about a century-old murder in a small, rural county in the US. And the name is actually 'Tom Dula'. Its started with Frank Noah Profitt of Mountain Dale, at the foot of Stone Mountain in Watauga County, where he learned how to make banjos and dulcimers from his father. Frank's grandmother, Adeline Perdue, who lived in Wilkes County during the Tom Dula trial, taught Frank the song, "Tom Dula." According to family legend, she saw Tom riding in a coffin, and as he strolled down the street to his hanging, he sang a song--the same song she taught her grandchildren. One day in 1937 a man from New York named Frank Warner visited them to buy a dulcimer. Warner was particularly interested in learning Appalachian folk songs, and Frank sang 'Tom Dula' among other songs sung by his Father-in-law. Warner used one of the first battery operated recorders to capture the songs Frank sang for them.

Surprised at the interest generated by the folk songs he had grown up with, Frank Proffitt decided to try to collect as many songs as he could. He sent a book of songs to Warner, who modified several of them and performed them himself. Shortly after that, in 1947, Warner shared "Tom Dula" with Alan Lomax, a professor at New York University, who published it in his collection titled "Folk Songs USA". In 1958, the Kingston Trio heard the song almost by accident, adapted it, and added it to their stage act. They renamed the song "Tom Dooley" and recorded it for their album that year. Frank Proffitt heard the Kingston Trio perform the song on the Ed Sullivan show and was completely surprised. Eventually Proffitt and Warner filed a joint lawsuit for legal claim to "Tom Dooley". Three years later, they began receiving royalties.

Courtesy: http://www.unctv.org/folkways/TomDula/thesong/

Malligaipoo Jadhi Roja [Film: Raji En Kanmani (1954)] <TC>
Composer: Not very sure!
Lifted from Jose Padilla's 1923 composition, 'La Violetera'
Listen to Malligaipoo Jadhi Roja | La Violetera (Stanley Black's version)
Like any other Indian inspiration M S Viswanathan has used the Pallavi (opening) but uses his own imagination further into the track. It's quite easy to guess how this song made it into the Tamil movie - 'Raji en kanmani' was a remake of Chaplin's 'City Lights' and City Lights uses 'La Violetera' in one of the scenes! Though Chaplin had composed the other tracks in the movie (quite a few people think that Chaplin composed 'La Violetera' too!), he chose to use this Jose Padilla track as the theme for the blind flower seller girl character played by Virginia Cherril. I'm still not very sure who's credited as the composer of 'Raji en kanmani' - a few websites say it is T Sudarsanam, others say it is Parthasarathy, while another site says it is Hanumantha Rao. The interesting thing is that another site says that in those days Gemini Films used to work as one single entity and did not credit individuals - so the story was credited to 'Gemini Story Group' and Music to 'Gemini Music Group' and so on.
Andangaakka [Film: Anniyan (2005)] <TC>
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Partly inspired from 1956 track 'Chinnanchiru chitte' from the MGR-Bhanumathi starrer 'Alibaba & 40 thieves'.
Listen to Anadangaakka | Chinnanchiru chitte
Harris, being a the smartie he is, has used the original merely as an inspiration and has created his own unique tune around it!
En Aattamellaam [Film: Alibaba & 40 thieves (1956)] <TC>
Composer: Dakshinamoorthy S
Inspired by a Middle Eastern track, 'Ya Habeebi Taala' by legendary singer Asmahan.
Listen to En Aattamellaam | Ya Habeebi Taala
The similarity in the first couple of lines is obvious, while there seems to be a conscious attempt on the part of the composer to deviate from the original and make it sound different!
Athinthom [Film: Chandramukhi (2005)] <TC>
Composer: Vidyasagar
Seems to have been lifted directly from a traditional Malayalam track of the same name!
Listen to Athinthom (Chandramukhi) | Athinthom (Original)
Supposed to be an old folk song from Kerala made popular by many local bands, including one called 'Karinthalakkootam'!
Stranger in Black theme [Film: Anniyan (2005)] <TC>
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Inspired by John Debney's 'Resurrection' from the OST of The Passion of the Christ (2004)
Listen to Stranger in Black theme | Resurrection
Even though Harris has used enough elements to make his theme unique the similarities are glaring!
Oru Kodi [Film: Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai (2006)] <TC>
Composer: Paul J
Inspired by a Sri Lankan/ Sinhalese track titled, 'Ran kurahan mala' by Bhathiya & Sunthush (album, 'Tharunyaye', released in 2002).
Listen to Oru kodi | Ran kurahan mala
Why would a debutant composer lift blatantly? I'm not sure, since I don't know much about this guy, Paul J! Does he have any Sri Lankan connection?

Update on the above: Paul J is Paul Jacob of '
Bodhi Records' fame and was the third person along with Suresh Peters and A R Rahman to start the band 'Nemesis Avenue'. He is actively involved in many world music projects including one (or a couple more) in Sri Lanka. Is it just possible that he has reused his own Sinhalese tune for KKS?
Orey murai [Film: E (2006)] <TC>
Composer: Srikanth Deva
Blatant rip-off of the 1956 track 'Chinnanchiru chitte' from the MGR-Bhanumathi starrer 'Alibaba & 40 thieves'
Listen to Orey murai | Chinnanchiru chitte
The lift is quite evident, despite the composer taking us for a ride with a Hindi opening/ prelude for his song!
Sorgam enbadhu namakku [Film: Nammavar (1995)] <TC>
Composer: Mahesh
Inspired by a rock 'n roll track, 'Little bitty pretty one', composed by Bobby Day and made popular by numerous covers, the most notable one being Thurston Harris in 1957.
Listen to Sorgam enbadhu | Little bitty pretty one
Bit sad considering we're talking of a composer who died of cancer!
Mai vizhi [Film: Kondaattam (1998)] <TC>
Composer: Maragadhamani
Lifted from The Ventures' 'Escape'.
Listen to Mai vizhi | Escape - The Ventures
Also used by Nadeem Shravan for the song 'Dil jigar nazar' in Dil ka kya kasoor. Check out the Nadeem Shravan page, listing no. 37!

Unnale Unnale - 2007 <TC>
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Ilalai Ullasam's prominent, repetitive hook towards the end is inspired by 'Here comes the hotstepper', last covered by Ini Kamoze.
June pona seems to be a very clever take off from Blue's All Rise.
Listen to Ilamai Ullasam | Here comes the hotstepper
Listen to June pona | All rise
'Ilamai Ullasam' uses its most prominent hook ('na na na na na'!!) from Ini Kamoze's 1994 chartbuster 'Here comes the hotstepper' and the very successful, 'June pona' is almost heartbreakingly similar to boy band Blue's 2001 debut, 'All rise'! While the former is fairly direct - same pattern, tweaked pitch, the latter makes for a neat case study in inspiration - similar organ prelude, the 'netru enbadhum' chorus appearing in almost the exact same spot as the original, plus the vocalizing effects in the background, its all there in the Tamil version!

Trivia: If you're wondering the mention of Wilson Pickett's 'Land of a 1000 dances' in my Unnale Unnale music review, in connection with 'Ilamai Ullasam' - its because, Ini Kamoze's is perhaps the last known version. The original is called, 'Land of a 1000 dances' and was first recorded by soul singer Chris Kenner in 1962 - and this did not have this hook. The hook was added in its 1965 cover version by Cannibal & the headhunters, but a better known version is the 1966 cover by another soul singer Wilson Pickett. Listen to all the versions (one above and 2 below) to see the evolution of his catchy hook. I distinctly remember Ini Kamoze's version as part of the soundtrack of Robert Altman's 1994 fashion industry satire film, 'Prêt-à-Porter'.
Listen to Land of a 1000 dances, by Cannibal & the headhunters | Wilson Pickett
Karu karu vizhigalal [Film: Pachaikili Muthucharam (2006)] <TC>
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Bears uncanny similarity to the structure of Westlife's 2005 hit, 'Hit you with the real thing' from the album Face to face.
Listen to Karu karu vizhiglal | Hit you with the real thing
The opening 4 lines make way for a similar sound thereafter - but all with an entirely different tune!
Aiyo aiyaiyo [Film: M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi (2004)] <TC>
Composer: Srikanth Deva
Interesting rehash of the Malaysian song, 'Hati Kama' by composer Pak Ngah.
Listen to Aiyo aiyo | Hati kama
And to think, this was one of the most visible songs from the film, getting a lot of telly-play, along with the 'Mahaganapathim' remake, 'Chennai Senthamizh'! In fact, this catchy song has been quite adequately modified by the composer who had added his own opening (mukhda) over the original!

Trivia on Hati Kama: Suhaimi Mohd. Zain, better known as Pak Ngah, is the composer of the 1999 song 'Hati kama'. He is a well-known and prolific songwriter in traditional Malay music and has an almost complete monopoly in the Irama Malaysia music genre. This particular song was the winner of the 1999 Juara Lagu music event in Malaysia and was sung by Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris.
Minnalgal koothaadum [Film: Polladhavan (2007)]
Composer: GV Prakash Kumar
Seems to have borrowed a line or two from Akon's 'Smack that'.
Listen to Minnalgal (relevant edit) | Smack that (relevant edit)
The 2006 chartbuster by Akon is so popular everywhere that its rather strange that GV even thought of using it - or did it creep in subconsciously? GV dude, you listen to Akon too?
Yaar seidha maayam [Film: Luckyman (1995)] <TC>
Composer: Adityan
Mind-numbing lift from Billy Joel's 'She's always a woman'
Listen to Yaar seidha maayam | She's always a woman
The song is a unabashed replica of Billy Joel's 1977 classic, 'She's always a woman'. Note how blatant the lift is by comparing the part where Billy goes, "Oh, she takes care of herself" with its Tamil equivalent and everything after that! Funny huh?
Unakena naan [Film: Kaadhalil Vizhundhen (2007)] <TC>
Composer: PV Prasath (Vijay Antony is the composer of the soundtrack, but not this particular song)
Direct and unabashed lift from Rihanna's 'Unfaithful' from her 2006 album, 'A girl like me'
Listen to Unakena naan | Unfaithful
The rip is shocking to say the least - almost as if Prasath got Rihanna's vocals removed and added a Tamil layer to it. Prasath happens to be the film's director too!
Naana yaar idhu [Film: Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen (2007)] <TC>
Composer: Joshua Sridhar
Inspired by Nitin Sawhney's 'Nadia' (rivers)
Listen to Naana yaar idhu | Nadia
One of last year's most under-rated film scores in Tamil was composer Joshua Sridhar's Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen (Milliblog music review). The film had relative newcomers in the lead and Madhu Ambat's cinematography. There were a couple of pretty interesting songs in the soundtrack, most notably the mod patriotic number 'Indhiya idhu' sung by the composer himself. But another song from the film, 'Naana yaar idhu' seems to have been unduly influenced by Asian Underground star Nitin Sawhney - specifically the song 'Nadia' (rivers) from his 1999 Mercury Music Prize nominated album, 'Beyond Skin'. Nitin did not win the award, but this album was critically acclaimed and was noted for its diverse genres. Nadia had some amazing semi-classical vocals by Swati Natekar amidst mild drum and bass, typical of Asian Underground. Joshua's adaptation retains a large part of the original's flavour and tune while adding considerable electronic sounds so common these days in Tamil film music. Interesting influence, this!
Sooriyane [Film: Vellithirai (2008)] <TC>
Composer: GV Prakash Kumar
Blatantly lifted off Keith Urban's 'Somebody like you'.
Listen to Sooriyane | Somebody like you
Its a bloody direct and ruthless lift. The fact that it is by an upcoming, talented and young composer really hurts since there's really no need at his stage in career to resort to such blatant plagiarism.
Palinginaal oru maaligai [Film: Vallavan Oruvan (1966)] <TC>
Composer: Veda
The song is a unabashed lift of the jazz standard, Frenesi. Frenesi was first composed by Alberto Dominguez and was later adapted as a jazz standard.
Listen to Palinginaal | Frenesi
The original has been performed and recorded by many famous artists including Frank Sinatra and Perez Prado (the version below!).
Veesuvadhu [Film: Guru En Aaalu (2008)] <TC>
Composer: Srikanth Deva
Lifted from the Ivory Coast band, Magic System's Bouger Bouger.
Listen to Veesuvadhu | Bouger Bouger
The original was part of the band's 2005 album, Petit Pompier
Kannenna minsaarama [Film: James Bond (2000)] <TC>
Composer: S A Rajkumar
Blatant lift from the Egyptian track, Rona.
Listen to Kannenna Minsaarama | Rona (Alabina)
This is what I had posted in the Trivia page of ItwoFS - before finding out the name of the original :-)
I had recently come across a song from the Tamil movie 'James Bond' (2000 - the movie has got nothing to do with 007, but the 2 lead characters are called James and Paandu!!) - the song, 'Kannenna Misaarama', by composer S A Rajkumar. It is an exact replica of an instrumental piece I'm very familiar with, but haven't been able to recall its title/ group!! Every time I hear this Tamil song, I can clearly recall the instrumental piece - most probably a Spanish/ Latin kind of piece, though it does have Middle-Eastern influences as it progresses, but have not been able to place the song. A few things that came to my mind off-hand were the soundtrack of the Vanessa Williams starrer, 'Dance with me', some film awards show in which this might have been played in the background and so on. Just listen to the Tamil song and see if you can identify the original!
Yedho ondru [Film: Laysa Laysa (2002)] <TC>
Composer: Harris Jayaraj
Inspired by the Christmas carol, 'God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen'.
Listen to Yedho Ondru | God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
This one is a fabulous find since it shows the composer's intelligence in adapting a source.  The composer of the carol is unknown and there are multiple versions of this carol...but it is supposedly first published in 1833, in 'Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern', a collection of seasonal carols gathered by William B. Sandys. The post in Yahoo Group had a YouTube link of the carol, beautifully sung by teen pop duo, Aly & AJ. Harris' version is clever - it uses a very similar structure with some dead giveaways ('To save us all from Satan's power' will definitely make you smile :-) but steers considerably away as it progresses to the hook, Ullaahi.
Aathichudi [Film: TN07AL4777 (2008)] <TC>
Composer: Vijay Antony
Recreated from Sri Lankan singer Dinesh Kanagaratnam's Suraangani Remix.
Listen to Aathichudi | Suraangani remix
Composer Vijay Antony, who made sure his name is cleared from the Rihanna-song lift in his smash hit soundtrack, 'Kaadhall Vizhundhen', by getting the later batches of the CD to add a note which said that the film's director is responsible for this song's tune, is a soup now. His smash hit song, Aathichudi from the Tamil remake of Taxi Number 9211 (2006), itself a freemake of the Ben Affleck - Samuel L. Jackson starrer, Changing Lanes (2002), is a bloody lift.

The song, which by the way has incredible dance moves by Shobi (Don't miss this video!!), is ripped off from Sri Lankan pop singer Dinesh Kanagaratnam's Suraangani Remix. The remix is high-energy and very catchy. Interestingly, as far as I remember, the CD of the Tamil film credited Dinesh as only the singer of this song. Its a great thing that Vijay Antony got Dinesh himself to sing the Tamil filmy version, but he quietly took the composing credit. There's a YouTube video of Dinesh explaining the secret behind this imbroglio, but he looks kinda scared during this video (and it also looks like he's hiding in his loo while filming this!!) - Dinesh, in his video, uses the term, 'collaboration'. The credits clearly do not support the term.

This is quite smart of Vijay Antony - keep the composing credit for yourself and get the original singer to sing the remix's remix, huh? Sounds like a very Mahesh Bhatt'ish idea - get Pakistani singers to sing their own songs and pass on the composing credit to a Bollywood composer. Not good! Composing (original or remix) is totally different. If a composer gets a singer from another country/ state to sing his own song, the singer should get the composing as well as the vocal credit - the Indian composer should be credited only for the remix version, if at all he's added value.
Chellame [Film: Guru En Aalu (2009)] <TC>
Composer: Srikanth Deva
Inspired by Flipsyde's Spun.
Listen to Chellame | Spun
Srikanth Deva already has a lift to his (dis)credit in the Madhavan starrer, Guru En Aalu, a lame and late remake of Yes Boss, itself a freemake of the 1987 Michael J Fox starrer, The Secret of My Success - the song, 'Veesuvadhu', blatantly lifted from the Ivory Coast band, Magic System's Bouger Bouger. Here's the second! The song from the film, 'Chellame' sung by Udit Narayan is generously inspired by the song, 'Spun' by the American rap/ R&B band, Flipsyde. The original was part of their 2005 album titled, 'We The People'. Interestingly, Srikanth Deva has lifted the backgrounds and prelude as is and seeks milder inspiration for the main tune - but the similarity is quite evident!
Title song [Film: Naanayam (2010)] <TC>
Composer: James Vasanthan
Lifted off 'Owner of a lonely heart' by 80's progressive rock band, Yes.
Naanayam title song:
Owner of a lonely heart:
Newbie Tamil composer has had a stupendous debut in Subramaniapuram - the song, 'Kangal Irandaal' really went places and was judged the best song of year 2008 by many magazines/ blogs. I had ranked it at No. 2 of my top 10 Tamil songs for 2008 in Milliblog too. James followed it up with a decent enough score in the Tamil Pasanga and had 2 audio releases in 2009, out of which, one - Naanayam, (the film) came out in 2010, recently. For a composer who was praised to the skies in his debut and who is merely 4 soundtracks old, this lift comes as a shocker. The song in question is Naanayam's title song (version 1, in the CD) - it is nothing but a mildly improvised version of the 80s progressive rock band, Yes' hit song, 'Owner of a lonely heart' (from the album, 90125, released in 1984). This is especially disconcerting not just for the inspiration, but for the level of similarity - it is blatant and James doesn't really make any serious attempts to camouflage the lift. The prelude guitars and the prominent hook - 'Na na na na naanayam' vs 'Owner of a lonely heart' - are the most telling portions of the lift.
Thediyae [Film: Va Quarter Cutting (2010)] <TC>
Composer: GV Prakashkumar
From Lenka's The Show
Thediyae thediyae:
Lenka - The Show:
Young composer G V Prakash Kumar has produced quite a few good soundtracks in Tamil in his reasonably short career so far and has even successfully shrugged off that 'Rahman's nephew' tag. But, he also has his share of direct, blatant lifts in his limited repertoire. The latest one comes from his soundtrack for Va Quarter Cutting. The song, 'Thediyae thediyae', sung by Andrea Jeremiah, seems like it is generously inspired by Australian singer, Lenka's 2008 song, 'The Show' (it was a part of her eponymous debut album). It's an interesting lift, no doubt - the first 2 lines are used as-is and even the backgrounds are ditto. The Tamil version takes on a nice trip from line 3 onwards but there is no doubt that Prakash has heard and likes the original by Lenka.
Kaiya Pudi [Film: Mynaa (2010)] <TC>
Composer: D Imman
From 'Can I Have This Dance?', from the OST of High School Musical 3 (2008)
Kaiya Pudi:
Can I Have This Dance:
This song seems to be massively influenced by a completely unlikely original - the song, 'Can I Have This Dance?', from the OST of High School Musical 3 (2008)!!!! There are many cues that link these seemingly unlikely tracks together - the starting is similar, tune-wise and even the lyrics seem to be inspired. The Tamil song goes, 'Kaiya pudi, kannu paaru, ul moochu vaangu, nejodu nee', which means, 'Take my hand, look into my eyes, take a deep breath...'.

Now, compare it to the first 4 lines in the original,
"Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close and take one step
Keep your eyes locked on mine,
And let the music be your guide."

Apart from that, even the line in the original that goes, 'Oh no mountains too high enough, oceans too wide...'Cause together or not, our dance won't stop...' has a tune that matches with the line in the Tamil song that goes, 'Oh, unnayindri veru sogam enakkillaye...' (1:30) And there are more such small, but definitely identifiable cues that nail this lift. Despite it's uncredited source, the Tamil song remains a lovely composition that Imman can be almost proud of, but for this small black mark! The way he adapts the original into a Tamil variant shows the remarkable imagination that gone into this plagiarism effort! Credits for the song in High School Music 3: Written by Adam Anders and Nikki Hassman
Performed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
Produced by Adam Anders and Rasmus Bille Bähncke (as Rasmus "Raz" Bille Bahncke)!
Jagada Thom [Film: Dheivathirumagal (2012)] <TC>
Composer: G V Prakash Kumar
Borrows its prominent and repetitive hook from Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan's 2007 song 'Truth' from the album of the same name
Jagada thom:
Composer GV Prakash Kumar, after amazing lifts in recent soundtracks like Va Quarter Cutting (Thediyae), is back again, though, this time he has a subtler lift, in my opinion. So, we have the song 'Jagada thom' sung by SP Balasubramaniam, Maya and Mahesh borrowing its prominent and repetitive hook from Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan's 2007 song 'Truth' from the album of the same name. The song also featured Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Saheb And Subhalakshmi Khan
Pa pa pa [Film: Dheivathirumagal (2012)] <TC>
Composer: G V Prakash Kumar
Replica of Roger Miller's 1973 track called 'Whistle-stop' that he wrote and sung for the Disney version of Robin Hood (featuring animals as inhabitants of Nottingham)
Pa pa pa:
I'm so tempted to say, 'Here we go again...'. I suppose G V Prakash Kumar is the only modern day composer who consistently feeds good fodder for this website; my other regulars like Pritam have all turned good. I'm not complaining though - that's way it should be - I want less and less newer music added in this website. But, for the moment, let us turn our attention to G V Prakash Kumar's latest track called, 'Pa pa pa' from the Vikram-starrer, Deivathirumagal. It is inspired generously by the Sean Penn starrer 'I Am Sam' (2001). Perhaps Vikram was looking for a 'national' award for his 'mental' act (the coarse way mass audience usually - and unfairly - address such performances)...but, if it is inspired, it only deserves a 'notional' award, in my opinion. As for the song, 'Pa pa pa' is a replica of Roger Miller's 1973 track called 'Whistle-stop' that he wrote and sung for the Disney version of Robin Hood (featuring animals as inhabitants of Nottingham). It is disconcerting to see young G V Prakash Kumar lift tunes so unabashedly.


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