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Indian Advertisements

Raymond Theme
The very popular Raymond TV ad theme that has been in use and has become their signature is originally by German composer Robert Schumann. This one's the 7th piano solo called, 'Dreaming (Träumerei)' in F major and is part of his Kinderszenen ("Scenes From Childhood"), Op. 15 written in 1838. Hopefully the agency which first suggested to Raymond this theme has the necessary permission...if not, I believe its never too late to sue!
Listen to Träumerei Version 1 | Träumerei Version 2
Oye Bubbly
You might not have come across someone who hasn't seen/ heard the Bubbly song...yes, the one in the Pepsi advt. You'd have also read about the advt. jingle being a huge hit...that it was composed by the now-hot composing duo (more so after 'Dus') Vishal Shekar and so on. But how come the jingle sounds uneasily similar to a Deep Forest track, 'Tokyo Street'? That too, a track that was part of only the Japanese edition of their 2002 album, 'Music Detected' (not available in other versions released in other parts of the world. It featured Japanese violinist, Taro Hakase). In a conventional film song, the amount of improvisation a composer makes says a lot about how creative he is despite a lift, direct or otherwise. But a jingle is a lot more focused and short, that any lift tends to be blatant. Whoever I played Tokyo Street to went, 'Hey...that sounds like the Bubbly song' and that probably says a lot about whether this is a coincidence or not!
Listen to Oye bubbly | Tokyo Street
Liril Orange
Just one look at the new advt for Liril Orange and you know its come from the agency Lowe, most probably, courtesy Balki! The jingle used is not the usual Liril jingle. Its a rehashed version of Ilayaraja's (Who else!) 1989 classic track, 'Jhallantha...' from Maniratnam's Telugu debut, 'Geetanjali' starring Nagarjuna. Does the agency get the copyright to use such songs from the past? If they do, is there some way to add a credit to the original composer? If not, its indeed serious injustice to the source composer! Could someone from the advt line explain? 
Listen to Liril Orange Jingle | Jhallantha                    Watch Liril Orange Advt.
Sujith pointed to an interview (June, 2004) with Balki in Indiantelevision.com that uses my exact question above (complete with the 'who else' et all!!) and Balki does answer. Considering the fact he's got Ilayaraja to score for his feature film debut (Cheeni Kum), I suppose he's kept his word! Here's the relevant excerpt!

The jingle is a mixture of Ilayaraja's (who else!) 1989 classic track, Jhallantha and Maniratnam's Telugu debut, Geetanjali. Does the agency get the copyright to use such songs from the past? If they do, is there some way to offer credits to the original composer?

Of course, we have a copyright. You can't add a credit because we have borrowed and composed the whole thing, we have written our own lyrics. We have not used the same song, only the melody. Like we did for the Bajaj Chetak's gadi boola rahi hain. We bought the rights of the track and recomposed it. Because the words might not exactly fit the requirements.

Is it true that you are one of Ilayaraja's biggest fans?

I have always said in all my interviews that Ilayaraja is the God of music even if we all live for another 5000 years to compose music, we won't get as melodious as him. And I believe in using good music for advertising or anything else. Even if I had to make a feature film, I would still buy Ilayaraja's old songs and recompose them.
Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam
Lowe's Balki strikes again! For the new Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam, the self confessed 'one of Ilayaraja's biggest fans', Balki uses a snapshot from one of Ilayaraja's most loved tracks, 'Idhu oru pon maalai pozhudhu', from the 1980 movie, 'Nizhalgal'. 
Listen to Idhu oru pon maalai [Nizhalgal] | Watch Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam advt.
LG Plasma Gold Air Conditioner
Lowe's Balki does it again. After using 2 Ilayaraja 80s classics 2 of his earlier advertisements, Balakrishnan aka Balki is back at it again. His latest advt. for LG Plasma Gold air conditioner uses a 1980 Ilayaraja tune - the song 'Uravenum Pudhiya Vaanil' from the Tamil movie 'Nenjathai Killathey'. 
Watch LG Plasma Gold advt. in real video format (Poor picture quality, the music is more important)
Watch the advt. in MPG format from the MagIndia website | Listen to Uravenum Pudhiya Vaanil
Maggi Noodles Jingle
Lifted off the track, 'Music Music Music' by Teresa Brewer. 
Listen to Music! Music! Music!
Trivia note on Teresa Brewer: Born in 1931, in Ohio, USA, Teresa Brewer took up signing at a very early age and became a local child prodigy. At the age of 19, she was already a seasoned performer. Teresa was soon signed with London Records, a fledgling label from England attempting to enter the American music market. After the release of three singles that went virtually unnoticed, Teresa recorded 'Copenhagen' in late 1949 with the Dixieland All Stars. London Records considered the flip side a throw-away song - a song titled 'Music Music Music', by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum. 'Music' eventually went gold, was the No.1 song in 1950, selling over a million copies - and, of course, became Teresa's signature title.
Lakme Maximum Moisturizer
Two new advertisements for Lakme's Maximum Moisturizer (both by the agency Ambience D'Arcy) are on air in India, right now. One for Lakme Peach, with model Yana Gupta (where she drops a few apples and an infatuated school kid helps her pick them up) and another for Lakme Strawberry, where a girl is walking in the fields and a butterfly mistakes her for a flower (or something along those lines!!). One of this site's visitors, Ramesh Ragupathy wrote in to say that the music for the 2nd advt. (Strawberry) has been lifted from Jerry Goldsmith's theme from the movie 'Rudy'. Does anybody know the exotic music playing the background of the first advt.? - I've not been able to get an online version of that advt. so far, but just managed to get the storyboard from the AgencyFAQs website. Please do let me know if you know the original title of the music of the first (Peach) advt. Ramesh also adds that the theme for this advt. is also copied...from the climax scene of the Italian movie, 'Malena'!
Idea Cellular - Lowe
The advt. for Idea Cellular (the brand from Birla-Tata-AT&T) has a jingle lifted straight off Ilayaraja's song, 'Naguva nayana' from the 1983 Kannada movie, 'Pallavi Anupallavi' (Trivia: This was director Maniratnam's debut movie! It starred Anil Kapoor in the lead!!!). 
Watch Idea Cellular advt. In the Magindia page (2nd advt.) | My RealVideo version
Listen to Naguva Nayana
Kissan Fruit Kick Soft Drink Concentrate - Lowe
The Kissan advert uses a jingle that goes 'jaage jaage din hai, jaage jaage man hai...'. The tune is an exact lift from Ilayaraja's song, 'Putham puthu kaalai' from the 1981 movie 'Alaigal Oivathillai'. The online version of the advt. is available in the Magindia site but the link seems to be down presently.
Listen to Putham puthu kaalai
-- I managed to get the man behind the 2 recent advertisements with Ilayaraja's music - Kissan Fruit Kick Soft Drink concentrate and Idea Cellular. Its Balakrishnan aka Balki from Lowe. He had responded to long'ish query with a very relevant one-liner..."I'm one of Ilayaraja's biggest fans"! I guess that sums up things and we can expect more rare Ilayaraja numbers in Indian adverts! Thanks to Umesh for helping me out in this quest. 
Siyaram Advt. Jingle - Percept
I came across a piece of music while watching a travel show (about Finland) in the Discovery Channel. It sounded very much like the popular jingle of the Siyaram advt (which goes "...o siyaram...coming home to siyaram..."). Then with the help of my friend Gopal Srinivasan, I managed to trace the original's name...its a track called 'O Moena' by a German band by name Tri Atma, founded in 1977 by German guitarist Jens Fischer and Indian tabla player Asim Saha. Tri Atma specializes in fusing Eastern musical elements with Western electronic pop. In 1982, the duo met Klaus Netzle, a veteran German record and television producer who brought the space-age sounds of the Fairlight and Synclavier computer synthesizers to their music. As a fan in Amazon.com says, "Tri Atma's music is an amalgam of sampled ethnic and classical keyboard sounds, classical/ flamenco guitar and eastern/ Indian percussion set to a world beat rhythm some times bordering on island reggae with the overtones of old world European traditional folk instrumentation and classically trained musicianship"
Listen to O Moena
Please do let me know if someone has the video/ audio track of the Siayaram advt. Agencyfaqs.com, an Indian advertisement portal used to stock mpeg versions of most advts, but Siyaram's advt is missing! The Siyaram advt. was conceived and produced by the advt agency Percept.


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