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Anand Raaj Anand [Hindi]

Hello Hello Bolke [Film: Aakrosh] <TC>
From Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier!
Yeh hai pyaar [Film: Indian] <TC>
Ditto from Columbian singer Shakira's song 'Ojos Asi'.
Listen to Yeh hai pyaar | Ojos asi
Ek ladki deewani si [Kyun ki main jhoot nahi bolta] <TC>
Inspired by the Pakistani number by Aamir Saleem 'Tere in adhuri hain'.
Listen to Ek ladki deewani si | Tere bin adhoori
Aaja meri baahon mein [Pyar Kiya Nahin Jaata (2002)] <TC>
Lifted from A R Rahman's 1994 Tamil song 'Ethu sugam sugam athu' from the movie Vandicholai Chinraasu.
Listen to Aaja meri baahon mein | Ethu sugam sugam athu
Only mildly modified.
Rama Re [Kaante (2002)]
Inspired by the song, 'Bird Boy' by Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos. 
Listen to Rama re | Bird Boy
I personally feel Anand Raj Anand might have sought inspiration from Nadeem Shravan Deewana number 'Koyi na koyi chaahiye' more than the original Nana Vasconcelos track. Also check Nadeem Shravan page - entry no. 23 for details on the original.
Maahi Ve [Kaante (2002)]
Inspired by the song, 'Ma Yihye' by Israeli singer Zaheva Ben. 
Listen to Maahi Ve | Ma Yihye
Yes, its indeed a lift, but I'm amazed at the way Anand Raaj Anand (ARA) has 'Punjabicized' the song - in fact he has borrowed very little from the original - but the direct give away is the opening which sounds similar not only in tune but also in the pronunciation of the words! The original  is from Zehava Ben's 1994 album 'Looking Forward'. The song was titled 'What will be' and was part of Claude Challe's famed Buddha Bar series (this particular song was in Volume 1 and her name was mentioned as Zeava Ben!). Now an Israeli song converted into a traditional Punjabi ditty is something worth talking about! ARA deserves both a pat and a kick for adapting the song beautifully in Punjabi and lifting it off an Israeli track without credit.
Trivia note on Zaheva Ben: 31 year old Israeli singer Zehava Ben is one of the most popular female vocalists in the Mizrahi genre, one of the main practitioners of the Turkish style of singing which has come to dominate Oriental music in the '90s. She was born in the capital city of Southern Israel (The Negev), Beer-Sheva, in a poverty, crime and drug struck neighborhood. Zehava became familiar in 1990, when the title track of a film she took part in, called "Tipat mazal" (A bit of luck), sung by her of course, became a hit all over Israel, mostly among the Ex-Asian and Ex-North African population. 

Zehava is very proud of her Moroccan heritage, and most of her music is quite distinctive of that. Zehava has appeared in many music festivals outside Israel, namely in Sweden and France. Zehava is also known to be popular in many Middle-Eastern countries, even if officially her music is banned since she is Israeli. Zehava appeared in the 1996 election campaign for 'Meretz' (left wing civil rights movement), singing the famous 'Shir lashalom' (Song for peace).
Kaise Kaise [Plan (2003)]
Lifted from DJ Cheb i Sabbah's 'Kese Kese' from the 1999 album, 'Shri Durga'. 
Listen to Kaise Kaise (Plan) | Kese Kese (Cheb i Sabbah)
DJ Cheb i Sabbah has filed a suit against the makers of 'Plan' for allegedly using his song, 'Kese Kese' in their soundtrack. Anand Raaj Anand could probably seek refuge in one point - that his song happens to be based on Raag Mishra Darbari, similar to Cheb i Sabbah's original...but when you compare note-to-note, its a shameless, unabashed lift.
News about the suit filed by DJ CHeb i Sabbah - In Mid Day | In Indiafm
Trivia Notes: More on DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Pyaar Aaaya [Plan (2003)]

Lifted from Alabina's 'Salma Ya Salama' (1996). 
Listen to Pyaar Aaaya | Salma Ya Salama
Its time Alabnia sued the makers and the composer of the movie 'Plan', following DJ Cheb i Sabbah. Its a typical, shameless and mindless rip off that Anand Raaj Anand has mastered in the recent past, besides mastering the art of swearing that he never copies. Simply blaming the director (The director, Sanjay Gupta, denies that he asked Anand to lift the DJ Cheb i Sabbah track Kese Kese) might not help Anand any more. Again, its quite incredible that Anand gets paid for this!
Trivia Notes: Alabina is a rather interesting mix of Ishtar, a trained Israeli Fighter Pilot and a group of 4 gypsy cousins from Montpellier! Read more on Alabina

Aanewala Pal [Plan (2003)]

The prominent, catchy hook is lifted from a Middle Eastern track, 'Yalla ya shabab' by Ragheb Alama (Album: 'Saharouny Leil', 2001). 
Listen to Aanewala Pal | Yalla Ya Shabab
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