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Yuvan Shankar Raja [Tamil]

Oh shalalala jamaai [Film: Junior Senior (2002)] <TC>
Inspired by the Turkish smash hit, 'Simarik' by Tarkan, from his 1998 album, 'Ölürüm sana'. 
Listen to Oh shalalala jamaai | Simarik
The same song has also been adapted to Hindi by Anand Raaj Anand in the Govinda starrer, Kunwara (song: Meri chammak challo). 'Simarik' means 'spoilt' in Turkish and this song's video has Tarkan running away from a bevy of beauties amidst narrow lanes, who desperately try to kiss him - even the song is interspersed with sounds of kisses! Its a prominent refrain in Simarik that sounds very much like the opening in the Tamil song! Trivia Note: Unfortunately, every time this song's video is shown on TV in India, the credits mention the name of the song as 'Sikidim'! Sikidim is of course another song by Tarkan too but not the song played in the video.
Theendi Theedni [Film: Bala (2002)]
Blatantly copied from his father, Ilayaraja's composition, 'Rimjhim rimjhim' for the 1989 Hindi film, 'Mahadev'. 
Listen to Theendi Theendi | Rimjhim rimjhim
Does being Ilayaraja's son give Yuvan the right to pass of his father's creation as his own? I don't think so!!
Ei nanbane [Film: Mounam Pesiyathe (2002)]
The opening verses sound a lot like Vengaboys' Boom boom boom's opening lines!! 
Listen to Ei nanbane | Boom boom boom
I'd like to give the benefit of doubt to Yuvan, this time.
Nenjodu Kalandhidu [Film: Kaadhal Konden (2003)] <TC>
Inspired by the prelude of The Corrs number, 'Runaway'. 
Listen to Nenjodu kalandhidu | Runaway
It was rather startling to see Yuvan creating a song solely out of the prelude to the Corrs' number...the basic tune of both the songs are actually different. But yes, Yuvan has tried his hand at a Irish-styled track and perhaps should not have relied on one of the most popular Irish bands around, for inspiration - a rather easy giveaway of the source! The inspiration is very similar to R D Burman using the prelude of Procol Harem's 'A whiter shade of pale' for his 'Manzil' number, 'Tum ho meri dil ki dhadkan'. However, while Pancham created a masterpiece with the limited inspiration, the quality of Yuvan's output is debatable! 
Manasu rendum [Film: Kaadhal Konden (2003)] <TC>
Lifted from the song 'A rose in the wind' by Anggun. 
Listen to Manasu rendum | A rose in the wind
I came across this information in TFMpage and was rather surprised over two things - first, this is the second lift of YSR in the same movie that I had included a couple of weeks back and second, the amount of lift in this track. Blatant and in such a way that it puts a huge question mark over an upcoming (some may argue that Yuvan has crossed that stage with his so-called recent hits...that's besides the point, though) composer's creativity.
Trivia note on Anggun: Anggun (born Anggun Cipta Sasmi) is one of Indonesia's most popular musical performers. Now settled in Paris, Anggun's debut English album, 'Snow on the Sahara' with songwriter/ producer Erick Benzi, blend diverse sounds...traditional and con temporary, Indonesian and Euro-American. Benzi has, in the past worked with celebrities like Celine Dion, Algerian rai singer Cheb Khaled, and French pop legends Johnny Hallyday and Jean-Jacques Goldman. Snow On The Sahara recalls the best of Annie Lennox in the rich instrumental textures and soaring vocals of its first single, the title song; and such choice cuts as "Over Their Walls," "A Rose In The Wind," and "Valparaiso." Anggun contributed lyrics to "On The Breath Of An Angel" and to the Indonesian-language song "Selamanya." The album closes with one of its most memorable tracks, her interpretation of the David Bowie classic, "Life On Mars."

Kaadhal Mattum Purivadhillai [Film: Kaadhal Konden (2003)] <TC>

Lifted from the track 'Raven' by Hedningarna. 
Listen to Kaadhal mattum purivadhillai | Raven
As if two lifts in Yuvan Shankar Raja's latest smash hit 'Kaadhal Konden' (2003) were not enough...here's the third...a much more blatant lift. This track was part of their 1994 album called 'Tra'. But I must thank YSR for lifting from this source, since it helped me sample this band's music and I simply loved it. On another plane, its shameful that YSR chose to lift so blatantly, for the main tune of the song, in the assumption that no one would know, since the source track is rare. And 3 lifts in one soundtrack is unpardonable!
Trivia Notes: Hedningarna's (pronounced "Head-nin-gar-nuh") sound is a mix of brutal Nordic folk music and modern-day sampling and programming. The intensity of modern technology mixed with the flavor of ancient instruments and tunes creates the explosive, intense sound of Hedningarna. For more on this band, check out http://www.noside.com/hedningarnabio.html 


Theme from 7G Rainbow Colony [Film: 7G Rainbow Colony (2004)]
A piece lifted from Ilayaraja's background music for the climax of the 1980 film, 'Johnny'
Listen to 7G Rainbow Colony Theme | Johnny Climax BGM
Its a pity actually, because the piece lifted is really very small in terms of duration (but very significant) and as a whole, this theme music is, in one word, magical! If only Yuvan had been honest about his inspiration and added a note against this track, it would have elevated his status to new heights. Getting inspired from a composer of Ilayaraja's stature is inevitable, but if the inspiration is minimal and given the fact that Yuvan has worked so hard to create such a beautiful piece, the lack of a proper credit sticks out as a sore thumb!


Vaa vaa [Film: Daas (2005)]
Lifted from Yuvan's Dad's 1984 track, 'Adiye' from Neengal Kettavai.
Listen to Vaa Vaa 1, Adiye 1  |  Vaa Vaa 2, Adiye 2
Yuvan has already been caught lifting his illustrious Dad's Hindi track in the Tamil film 'Bala'. 'Adiye...manam nilluna' is one those cult tracks by Raja. Its rather shocking for 2 key reasons - the original is a very popular number and the way Yuvan has sought inspiration. I've added just the relevant portions to highlight the extent of the direct lift. Yuvan is right now the hottest composer in the Tamil film industry and he has proven his stuff, time and again in the past few years. So its quite a mystery why he resorts to lifting 'baap ka maal'!


Ivan kattil naattu [Film: Kalvanin Kaadhali (2005)]
Inspired from Basement Jaxx's 'Oh my gosh' (March 2005)
Listen to Ivan kattil | Oh my gosh
This is a rather blatant inspiration that includes the 4 opening lines and some other prominent pieces (Did you get his number?). Sure not expected from Yuvan, who perhaps has a larger responsibility considering he's Ilayaraja's son! 


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