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Anand Milind [Hindi]


Anand Milind must be one of the most hated composers down South due to the number of songs they've copied from Tamil and Telugu films...mostly the Southern Maestro Ilayaraja's songs and occasionally a few of A R Rahman's. This page will bloat to an unmentionable size if I start including even half of those lifts.

Jeena pyaar se... [Film: Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar] <TC>
From ABBA's Nine, pretty ballerina!
Listen to Jeena pyaar se | Nina, pretty ballerina 
O Jaane jaaana [Film: Insaaf] <TC>
Ditto from Kenny G's Breathless!
Title song [Film: Khullam khulla pyar karenge] <TC>
Ditto from Enrique Iglasius' Bailamos!
Baaraana de [Film: Insaaf (1993)] <TC>
Lifted lock stock and barrel from 'paranue' by Serapis Bey.
Listen to Baraana de | Paranue
The original was part of the soundtrack of the 1993 movie 'Only the strong''. 
Gazab ka hai din [Film: Qayamat se qayamat tak] <TC>
Inspired by Neil Diamond's 'Play me'. But amazingly improvised that its almost hard to detect that its inspired!
Listen to Gazab ka hai din | Play me
But it has been worked upon so well that its really hard to say that its inspired! Very unAnand-Milindlike! There is such a huge difference between the two but there are a few give-aways too. To start with, the original is Neil Diamond's 'Play me'. In the Hindi song there is a slight twist which the singer gives in the second line (gazab ka hai din is sung normally, while the second line 'yeah deewanapan' has a mild twist in the word deewanapan!). Play me has a similar twist in line 2 - 'I one day woke up to find', the twist at the word 'to find' (listen to this part from 00:24:0). Also, the 'tum ho akele, hum bhi akele, maza aa raha hai, kasam se' is almost exactly there in the English number - listen from point 01:10:0 onwards! 
Mujhe neend na aaye [Film: Dil] <TC>
Lifted exactly from the song 'chunni ud ud jaaye' by UK based bhangra pop group Alaap.
Listen to Mujhe neend na aaye | Chunni ud ud jaaye
Blatant copying. Check out Alaap's website - it mentions the copy too!
Dil mein kuch [Film: Army] <TC>
Heavily inspired by the Roxette number 'The Look'
Listen to Dil mein kuch | The Look
Choti si duniya [Film: Ek ladka ek ladki (1992)] <TC>
Lifted ditto from Pakistani singer Akhlaq Ahmed's 'Sona na chaandi'
Listen to Choti si duniya | Sona na chaandi
Blatant rip! 'Sona na chaandi' was part of the soundtrack of the Pakistani movie Bandish (1980) with music by Robin Ghosh.
Khambe jaise [Film: Dil (1990)] <TC>
Partly inspired by the rock n roll track, Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins.
Listen to Khambe jaise | Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley)
Elvis Presley did a cover version of Perkins' song in 1956 and it attained a cult status thereafter!
Akele Hain [Film: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)] <TC>
A note-to-note copy of the 1977 Shadows' track, 'Return To The Alamo'.
Listen to Akele Hain | Return to the alamo
This would rate as one of the most heart-breaking lifts I've encountered so far! And its so damn blatant that you almost think that the instrumental piece I've added here is simply an instrumental version of the QSQT track. The first thing that came to my mind after listening to the original was, '...and they got paid for this?' Note: I still think someone's gonna mail me saying that the original listed above is nothing but an instrumental version of the Hindi track and that this site sucks. I strongly suggest that such people check out the 'Shadows' site and the page which talks about 'Return to the alamo'
Shava yeh nakhra [Film: Suhaag (1994)] <TC>
Direct lift from Pakistani singer Hassan Jehangir's song of the same name.
Listen to Shava yeh nakhra (Suhaag) | Shava yeh nakhra (Hassan Jehangir)
Straight lift, made a bit more racy by Anand Milind in the filmi version.
Tere dil ne [Film: Loafer (1996)] <TC>
Silly lift off Jon Secada's 'Just another day'
Listen to Tere dil ne | Just another day
The problem with working on more exotic sources of lifts is that simpler, pop influences by the likes of Anand Milind seems like a complete bore. But, lets not distinguish between interesting and uninteresting lifts and make the composer duo of Anand Milind feel neglected. So, lets honor them for their bland, flat, outright silly lift of Jon Secada's 1992 hit, 'Just another day'. Apparently Anand Milind used this track to create, 'Tere dil ne', a supposedly dropped-from-the-film track for the Anil Kapoor starrer 'Loafer' (1996). Surprisingly, this is one of Shankar Mahadevan's earliest tracks as a full fledged playback singer - this was during the period when he was doing fringe playback and studio versions, much like the singer Krishna, these days. Shankar does sound quite odd too and I'm sure would appropriately cringe if one were to point this out to him today!
Bin tere kuch [Film: Jaan se pyaara (1992)] <TC>
Lifted off the 1974 Kannada number, 'Endendu ninnanu' from the Dr Rajkumar film, Eradu Kanasu.
Listen to Bin tere kuchh bhi | Endendu ninnanu
Let me unravel an absolutely delightful Kannada track, Endendu ninnanu, that Anand Milind ripped off oh-so-blatantly to compose their 1992 track, 'Bin tere kuchh bhi' from the Govinda starrer, 'Jaan se pyaara'. The original is by the composer duo Rajan Nagendra, one of the most talented composers from Karnataka and was featured in the 1974 Rajkumar starrer, 'Eradu kanasu'.  
Two related trivia:
For regular ItwoFS visitors not familiar with Kannada film music...does the names Rajan Nagendra ring a bell? Check out Nadeem Shravan page, listing no. 28!

The plot of 'Jaan se pyaara' was a lift too. From the 1985 Jackie Chan - Samo Hung starrer, 'Long de xin' (called 'Heart of the dragon' in its English release). Samo Hung plays Jackie Chan's mentally retarded brother, while Govinda perhaps insisted on playing both the roles himself...these Indian heroes and their fetish for double roles...!


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