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Rajesh Roshan [Hindi]

Jab koi baat [Film: Jurm] 
From the song 'Here the whistle blow...a hundred miles' by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
Listen to Jab koi baat | Hear the whistle blow | A hundred miles (Kingston Trio)
Rajesh Roshan's Hindi version is an excellent adaptation with some great lyrics! The Kingston Trio's version is more closer to the Hindi version than the one by Flatts and Scruggs!
Marne ke darr se [Film: Jurm (1990)]
The opening verses inspired by Madonna's La isla bonita (1987).
Listen to Marne ke dar se | La isla bonita
Oh sure, inspired. Rajesh brings in his own flavour after the initial lift.
Pahli baar dil [Film: Bhagwan Dada]
From the song 'Self Control'. Other details not known yet!
Looking for the Hindi track!
Mere liye to fit hai [Film: Zulmi]
From Whigfeild's Sexy Eyes.
Yet to hear the Hindi track!
Mujko chaand chaahiye and Ek baat maan lo tum [Film: Khel] <TC>
Both are adaptations of a song from the OST of the movie Blues Brothers. The song is 'Minnie the moocher' by Cab Calloway!
Listen to Mujko chaand lake do | Ek baat maan lo | Minnie the moocher
Listen to the way Rajesh Roshan had adapted the opening music and the 'haidi haidi ho' part together in the Hindi version. The classical version has 'Hari om' instead of 'Idlee do'!
Koi nahin tere jaisa [Film: Keemat] <TC>
From Rednex's Cotton eye joe!
Ditto copied!
Laaoon Kahan se [Film: Jaane Jigar]
From Hotel California, by Eagles!
Main Teri Hoon Janam [Film: Khoon bhari maang] <TC>
From the signature tune of Chariots of fire!
Oh sure, it is inspired!
Jai Maa Kali [Film: Karan Arjun] <TC>
From 'Its alright' by East 17.
Haseena Gori Gori [Film: Taraazu] <TC>
From Shaggy/ Mungo Jerry's In the summertime!
Listen to Haseena gori gori | In the summertime
Absolute copy!
Rahne Ko Ek Ghar Ho ga [Film: Man pasand (1979)] <TC>
From the song in My Fair Lady - 'Wouldnt it be loverly'!
Listen to Rahne ko ek ghar hoga | Wouldn't it be loverly
Ditto! The 1956 broadway musical 'My Fair Lady' - based on George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion' - (later made into a movie in 1964) inspired two Hindi versions...'Man Pasand' with Dev Anand and Tina Munim, and 'Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye' with Rameshwari. The music for the original was composed by Frederick Loewe. Check out the other lift from My Fair Lady in Man Pasand - Item no. 28 in this page!
Chaand sitaare [Film: Kaho naa pyaar hai] 
The humming was copied exactly from Voices by Vangelis!
Listen to chaand sitaare | Voices
The tune is original, though!
Tanhai tanhai [Film: Koyla] 
The humming and interludes copied from Vangelis' 'Conquest of paradise'.
Listen to Tanhai interlude | Conquest of Paradise
But the main tune also seems to be inspired - at least right now, from Rajesh Roshan's own 'Frenny O Frenny' from the 1977 film, Khatta Meetha. Given the man's dubious record, is there a super original? Does someone here know? Let me know if you do - as always, innocent until proven guilty even if its a repeat offender like Rajesh Roshan!
Bharo maang meri bharo [Film: Sabse bada khiladi (1995)] 
Lifted from Enigma's 'Hallelujah' (1990) from the album 'MCMXC a.D.'
Listen to Bharo maang meri bharo | Hallelujah
The string section seems to be inspiration for the Hindi track and there are traces of the 2nd line, 'Ang se ang..' in the original too!
Deewana tera hai [Film: Koi mere dil se pooche] <TC>
Lifted from the song Victory by the group Bond. Victory was composed by Croatian composer Tonci Huljic.
Listen to Deewana tera hai | Victory
Surely copied! Tonci's composition itself sounds highly inspired by Rossini's Overture to the Barber of Seville! Listen to Overture to Barber of Seville
Chookar mere man ko [Film: Yaarana] <TC>
Inspired by the Rabindra Sangeet 'Tomar holo shuru amar...'
Listen to Chookar mere man ko | Tomar holo shuru amar
Bandhan khula [Film: Yugpurush] <TC>
Inspired by the Rabindra Sangeet 'Pagla hawar badol dine...'
Listen to Bandhan khula | Pagla hawar
Humko pyaar hai [Film: Moksha]
Inspired by Vangelis' number, Messages!
Listen to Humko pyaar hai | Messages
Yes, Rajesh does play around with his own tune but the basic format of the song....rhythms, interludes et all are lifted from Vangelis' tune! When will this man get over his Vangelis-fixation?
Tumhe kaise main bataoon [Film: Dastak] <TC>
Lifted from Petula Clark's 'Windmills of your heart'!
Listen to Tumhe kaise | Windmills of your mind
Nazrana beja kisi ne [Film: Des Pardes] <TC>
Inspired by Cliff Richard's 'Young ones'!
Listen to Nazrana | Young ones
Surely inspired! A good job by Rajesh Roshan, though!
Yeh raat yeh tanhayiyaan [Film: Gunaah] <TC>
Inspired by the Theme from Limelight composed by Charlie Chaplin for the 1951 movie of the same name!
Listen to Yeh raat yeh | Theme from Limelight
Absolutely inspired! Also refer to the other two versions of the same original - by RD Burman (RDB Page - 18th listing) and Salil Chowdhury (Hindi Others Page - 4th listing)
Na bole tum na [Film: Baaton baaton mein] <TC>
Inspired by the American Civil war song by Patrick Sarsfiled Gilmore, the "father of the American band", an Irish immigrant and the bandmaster of union army during American civil war. The song goes 'When Johnny comes marching home' (1863) Music: From Irish street song "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye"). 
Listen to Na bole tum na | When Johnny comes marching home
I've added the version by Johnny Horton, which is a pretty sober version of this song!
Uthe sab ke kadam [Film: Baaton baaton mein] <TC>
Is a direct lift from the nursery rhyme 'Polly wolly doodle'. 
Listen to Uthe sab ke kadam | Polly wolly doodle
Shirley Temple sings the version I've added.
Soot boot mein [Film: Kishen Kanhaiya (1990)] <TC>
Inspired by the 50s New Orleans' song 'Iko iko'. 
Listen to Soot boot mein | Iko iko (Dixie Cups version)
'Iko iko' was written and recorded back in the early 1950s by a New Orleans singer named James Crawford who worked under the name of Sugar Boy & the Cane Cutters. It was later recorded in the 60s by the girl band, Dixie Cups and by the British female band, Belle Chant in the 80s. Belle Chant's version was used in the soundtrack of Barry Levinson's 'Rain Man'.
Jhilmil sitaaron ne kaha [Film: Khote Sikkey (1998)] <TC>
A direct lift from the classic, 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'! 
Listen to Jhilmil sitaaron ne kaha | Raindrops keep falling on my head
The earlier lift was by Bappi Lahiri in Chalte Chalte (dur dur tum rahe).
Badan juda [Film: Koyla]
Interludes lifted from Vangelis' 'Conquest of paradise'! 
Listen to Badan juda | Conquest of paradise
The tune lifted for a song in Josh by Anu Malik, check out the Anu Malik page (No.38) for details!
Yeh paisa bolta hai [Film: Kala Bazaar (1989)] <TC>
Lifted LSB from Sabri Brothers' qawali, 'Paisa bolta hai'!
Listen to Yeh paisa bolta hai (Kala Bazaar) | Paisa bolta hai (Sabri Brothers)
Hoton pe geet jaage [Film: Man Pasand (1979)] <TC>
Lifted from the song from My Fair Lady - 'I could've danced all night'!
Listen to Hoton pe geet jaage | I could've danced all night
Ditto! The 1956 broadway musical 'My Fair Lady' - based on George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion' - (later made into a movie in 1964) inspired two Hindi versions...'Man Pasand' with Dev Anand and Tina Munim, and 'Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye' with Rameshwari. The music for the original was composed by Frederick Loewe. Check out the other lift from My Fair Lady in Man Pasand - Item no. 11 in this page!
Love at Times Square - Title Song [Film: Love at Times Square (2002)]
A riff lifted from the 80s hit 'Don't Go' by Yazoo.
Listen to Love at times square (title song) | Don't go
It might just be a small riff, but its used as-is, in my opinion. Incidentally Kalyanji Anandji is supposed to have used the same riff in the title track of the 1985 film Yudh. Also, Viju Shah is supposed to have unofficially contributed a lot to the music of Yudh so it could be his doing too!
Trivia note on Yazoo: Yazoo (or Yaz in the US) was the duo of Vince Clarke and Allison Moyet. They released two albums, "Upstairs At Eric's " and "You and Me Both". 'Don't go' was one Yazoo's biggest hits and was written in 1982 by Vince. It was released as a single in July 1982, and later appeared as the first track on Yazoo's debut album Upstairs At Eric's; released in September 1982. After they split up Vince Clarke formed Erasure with Andy Bell. Allison Moyet went on to release many well received solo albums.
En panchiyon + Instrumental theme [Film: Koi Mil Gaya (2003)] <TC>
Lifted from Kraftwerk's 'Trans-Europe Express'!
Listen to En panchiyon | Instrumental theme from KMG | Trans-Europe Express
Neat Lift, in true Rajesh Roshan tradition. Trans-Europe Express was a song from Kraftwerk's 1977 album of the same name.
Trivia notes: Initially viewed as a quirky band of German nerds propounding the values of a mechanized state through systematic electronic pop music, Kraftwerk have gone on to influence countless genres and musicians, including the driving techno of Aphex Twin and Juan Atkins, the surreal ambient of the Orb and the rumbling hip-hop of Afrika Bambaataa and Public Enemy. Formed by music conservatory students Ralf Hutter and Florian Schnieder in 1970, the pair went on to form permutations with various other artists, releasing albums such as Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2, and Ralf And Florian. It was with electronic percussionist Wolfgang Flur and violinist Klaus Roeder that the band found their winning formula of mechanized beats and plainly electronic, but weirdly human-sounding melodies. Influenced by the Bauhaus school of German impressionism that existed before World War II, this group recorded Autobahn, which was an international hit with a single of the same name. Hutter, ever the group spokesman, talked of having a band of instruments that could tour without human control, leaving the band to sunbathe or read. Through the remainder of the '70s, Kraftwerk released Radio-Activity, Trans-Europe Express (which Bambaata sampled for his ground breaking "Planet Rock"), The Man Machine (the accompanying tour featured robots on stage), Computer World (1981), Electric Cafe (1986), and The Mix (1991). 
Kya hai tumhara naam, Alladin Alladin [Film: Kaash (1987)] <TC>
Adapted from the track, 'Tevye's Dream' from Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
Listen to Kya hai tumhara naam | Tevye's Dream
The song 'Kya hai tumhara naam' from this movie had a rather interesting premise - Jackie and his son in a fantasy/ dream sequence complete with giants et all (from what I recall, since I watched this movie ages ago in Doordarshan). And its again strange that Rajesh Roshan sought inspiration for this song from a track named, 'Tevye's Dream', that was part of the 1971 movie adaptation of 'Fiddler on the roof'! The basic tune of the Hindi song seems to be adapted from Tevye's Dream, but again both the songs have so much more than the mandatory tune that I'd be forced to call it an adaptation. Its quite possible that Mahesh and Rajesh together wanted to create something along the lines of Tevye's Dream, both in terms of content (though not completely) and in tune!
Trivia: So what was Tevye's Dream...and who was Tevye? A synopsis of 'Fiddler on the roof' (FOTR) is necessary before we get into that. Tevye, the protagonist of FOTR, is a Jewish milkman in Anatevka, in Tzarist Russia, in the year 1905. Tevye has five daughters, itself a problem but what is more pressing is trying to find husbands for the eldest three children. Yente, the matchmaker, does her best, but with no money, no dowry to offer she finds that her work is very difficult. Tzeitel, the eldest daughter rejects the butcher Lazar Wolf, to whom Tevye has promised her. She has her heart set on Motel, the tailor. The "new way" is that children shall decide partners for themselves but will Golde, Tevye's wife accept this change in traditional values? [Sounds vaguely like Subash Ghai's 'Yaadien'? :-))]. Golde is persuaded and that is the first chink in the breakdown of traditional values. At the wedding ceremony between Motel and Tzeitel, there is a pogrom, an anti-Jewish demonstration, orchestrated by the Chief of Police which casts into doubt the stability of Jewish life in Tzarist Russia. 

Tevye's second daughter, Hodel, has fallen in love with Perchik, a political student, an activist against the repressive regime. Tevye refuses to give his permission for Hodel and Perchik to marry but they inform Tevye that they do not wish to seek his permission to marry but merely his blessing. Later, Perchik is arrested and is to be sent to Siberia. Hodel intends to join him. She promises her father they will be married, under a canopy, in the traditional Jewish way, Her father accompanies her to the railway station to bid her farewell. Chava, Tevye's third daughter has fallen for Fyedka, a Russian soldier. Not only is he Russian, he is not a Jew and the bending of tradition this far is something that Tevye cannot reconcile himself to. From this point on, Chava ceases to be his daughter and is shunned. Meanwhile, Anatevka itself is under threat. The Jews are being forced to leave their homes and many of them decide to go to live in America where many of them have friends and relations. That is to where Tevye and Golde and the two youngest children are to go. Motel and Tzeitel, who now have a child of their own, will join them. Chava and Fyedka, wanted by neither the Jews nor the Russians, go to live in Poland.

Tevye's Dream: This is a key sequence in the stage version as well as the movie adaptation. Tevye is sure that his wife Golde will never agree to Tzeitel and Motel's wedding, so he conjures up a dream in which Lazar's (the butcher) first wife Fruma-Sarah threatens to kill Tzeitel while Tzeitel's dead grandmother blesses the union on Tzetel and Motel! Tevye manages to convince Golde through this dream.
Saanson ki maala [Film: Koyla (2001)] <TC>
Lifted lock stock and barrel - tune, lyrics, everything - from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's track of the same name!
Listen to Saanson ki (Koyla) | Saanson ki (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
This is downright despicable...and to think even the lyricist got his name to the song!
Aye Dil [Film: Kya Kehna (2000)] <TC>
Direct lift from Neil Sedaka's 1959 classic, 'Oh Carol'!
Listen to Aye dil | Oh Carol
I suppose many people know this as a lift because of Stereo Nation's hugely popular recent cover version of the original Neil Sedaka classic!
Trivia: Did you know that Neil Sedaka wrote and sang 'Oh Carol' for his girlfriend Carole King? And that she responded with a song of her own, called 'Oh Neil'?!
Aap ke deewane [Film: Aap ke deewane (1980)] <TC>
Lifted from Steve Miller Band's 'Swingtown' (1978)
Listen to Aap ke deewane | Swingtown
The intro is clearly inspired, which Rajesh Roshan hopelessly tries to 'Indianize' (listen to the sample, you'll know what I mean!), but beyond the intro, instead of using the original's actual tune, Rajesh merely extends the prominent hum into a tune!
Pal bheet gaya [Film: Dastak (1996)] <TC>
Inspired by Gypsy Kings' 'Soy' 1989.
Listen to Pal bheet gaya | Soy
Is it really possible that Rajesh lifted something off the middle of Soy? Going by the similarity, it looks quite possible!
Dil na diya [Film: Krrish (2006)] <TC>
Inspired by the Turkish Military march track 'Ceddin deden'.
Listen to Dil na diya | Ceddin deden - Slow military march version | Disco version by Zafer Isleyen | Nirvana Lounge version by Ottoman Military Project
'Ceddin deden' (meaning, 'your ancestor, your grandfather'!) was composed in the early 1900s by Kaptanzadi Ali Riza Bey and lyrics by Ismail Hakki Bey. However, its quite possible that Rajesh Roshan heard the track from its new remix avatar, by the Ottoman Military Project that was part of Claude Challe/ Ravin's Nirvana Lounge Volume 1 that came out in 2000.
Idhar chala [Film: Koi mil gaya (2003)] <TC>
Lifted off a traditional/ folk South American tune called 'Suenos'
Listen to Idhar chala | Suenos (Viento de los Andes) | Inka Wayra | Suenos (Vientos Del Pueblo)
Mauricio Amaya, on behalf of Vientos Del Pueblo, mailed me and says that 'Suenos' is indeed a traditional Andean tune with no known composer and that the original has a lot of versions prior to theirs! Two known ones include versions by Viento de los Andes and Inka Wayra. Mauricio also says that the studio where they recorded demanded a permit to reproduce this track (a NOC like thing - unheard for music, in India :-) but didn't get any. So the credit for this song was simply 'Bolivian Folklore' like Viento de los Andes did! Mauricio believes that this track would ideally be in the public domain and hence its interpretation wouldn't amount to plagiarism. Good point. But while these guys genuinely wanted to credit some original, our man Rajesh Roshan, in typical Indian style took the full credit! Simple attitude difference - glaringly highlighted!
Ek raasta [Film: Kaala Pathar (1979)]
The prelude lifted directly off Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' (1974).
Listen to Ek raasta | Jolene
The actual tune remains original, however. Also check out Nadeem Shravan's version in their page, No. 35.
Aap kahen [Film: Des Pardes (1978)]
Lifted from Mehdi Hasan's ghazal, 'Bhooli bisri'
Listen to Aap kahen | Bhooli bisri
Neat adaptation, actually!
Tujhe dene ko [Film: Kudrat (1998)] <TC>
Blatant lift from Gypsy Kings' 'Caminando Por La Calle' from the 1989 album, 'Mosaique'
Listen to Tujhe dene ko | Caminando Por La Calle
This is a laughably idiotic lift...you'd start laughing too when you hear Abhijeet go, 'La la la' at the end of the mukhda...listen to the original first to know what I'm talking about!
Na Hai Zameen [Film: Khel (1992)] <TC>
Lifted from 'Sending all my love', by the band 'Linear' in 1990.
Listen to Na hai zameen | Sending all my love
Besides this version by Rajesh Roshan, Anu Malik lifted it much later, in 1997, for the very popular track from Ishq, 'Neend churayi meri'! Check out Anu Malik page, No. 30!
Taare aasmaan ke [Film: King Uncle (1993)] <TC>
Direct inspiration from the Kenyan track, 'Jambo bwana', by Them Mushrooms (1982).
Listen to Taare aasmaan ke | Jambo bwana
I'm sure you'd remember a rather young Shah Rukh Khan literally going through the motions while having a well-fed Naghma on the front beam of his archaic cycle and still managing to sing something as sweet as 'Is jahaan ke nahin hai, tumhari aankhen', but I suppose the kidsy track, 'Taare aasmaan ke' became a lot more popular. The song incidentally was a pretty direct lift of an 1982 African track titled, 'Jambo Bwana' (meaning, "Hello Mister") by a Kenyan band named 'Them Mushrooms'. This track had a prominent phrase, 'Hakuna Matata' (meaning, "No worries", in Swahili) which was the title of Boney M's 1984 cover version of this song that came out in their album, 'Kalimba da luna'. Its a different story that this phrase reached cult status after being used in Disney's 1994 superhit, 'Lion King'. Considering Boney M's popularity in India, Rajesh Roshan may have sought inspiration from their cover version.
Phoolon ka yaaron [Film: Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan (1991)] <TC>
Inspired by Pet Shop Boys' 1987 single, 'It's a sin'.
Listen to
Phoolon ka yaaron:
It's a sin:
The song from the 1991 Mithun potboiler, Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan had the song 'Phoolon ka yaaron dekho jigar'. It was a typical Amit Kumar number of the 90s, with an obvious swagger added to enhance Mithun's on-screen presence, complete with an extended prelude. But when the song does start, it strangely seeks inspiration from Pet Shop Boys' 1987 chartbuster, 'It's a sin', which came under fire for its music video and was even sued for allegedly plagiarizing Cat Steven's Wild World. If I may be allowed to digress, Pet Shop Boys sued back and even won since their song has nothing to do with the evergreen Cat Stevens number!


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