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O P Nayyar [Hindi]

Hey babu, yeh hai zamana tera [Film: Bhagam Bhag] <TC>
From the song 'Hay mambo, mambo italiano', covered by Rosemary Clooney, among other singers!
Listen to Hey babu | Hey mambo
Ditto! Here are the origins of Mambo Italiano!
Chanda chandni [Film: Mujrim (1958)] <TC>
From Jim Lowe's 1957 hit Green Door.
Listen to Chanda chandni | Green door
Again, ditto!
Yeh hai bombay meri jaan [Film: CID] <TC>
From the song 'My darling Clementine'. 
Listen to Yeh hai bombai | My darling Clementine
Copied. The version of My darling Clementine here is by Freddy Quinn. Not sure who sang it first!
Babuji dheere chalna [Film: Aar paar] <TC>
From the song 'Perhaps perhaps perhaps' covered by Doris Day, among other singers.
Listen to Babuji dheere | Perhaps
Partly Copied. 'Perhaps' is the English version of the Mexican song, 'Quizas quizas quizas'. Here's more on the original!
Lakhon hai yahan dilwale [Film: Kismat (1968)]
From the oldie western classic 'Red River Valley'.
Listen to Lakhon hai yaha dilwale | Red River Valley
I should point out here that O P Nayyar's localization is in top form in this track, but Mahendra Kapoor's drawl is very similar to elaborately timed drawls in the original, besides the tune! Little is known about the original however. It seems to be an old New York State song around the turn of the 20th century called 'In the Bright Mohawk Valley' from which an adaptation was made to produce “The Bright Sherman Valley” (very close to the Red River). ‘Red River Valley' looks like an adaptation of this latter tune made over into a cowboy love song. Gene Autrey's version of Red River Valley is added here.
Yahan hum wahan tum [Film: Shreemati 420 (1956)]
Lifted off the 1954 Billboard hit, 'The Little Shoemaker' by the Gaylords.
Listen to Yaham hum | The Little Shoemaker
I've been looking for this track for ages now - 5 years, to be precise when I posted a request in RMIM back in 2002! The original has also been covered by many other popular artists in the 50s, like Rosemary Clooney, Alma Cogan and Petula Clark. The English version is itself a cover of the French track, 'Le petit cordonnier', composed by Rudi Revil in 1953 with lyrics by Francis Lemarque. As always, a very perceptive lift by Nayyar saab! Listen to Le petit cordonnier


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