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S D Burman [Hindi]

Jeevan ke safar mein raahi [Film: Munimji]
Inspired from The Mexican hat dance!
Listen to Jeevan ke safar | Mexican Hat Dance
The original of SD Burman's 'Jeevan ke safar mein raahi' from Munimji - The Mexican Hat Dance. The version of Mexican Hat Dance I've uploaded is by Jose Ortega and his Mariachi Band. Incidentally, while the original has a real fast tempo, the hindi version is a tad bit slower. Also, I would only term it as an inspiration, not a blatant rip off as its quite difficult to see the similarity in the first listen, 'cos of the incredible tempo of the original. My dad tells me that SDB had also incorporated a slower version of the same song in the same album/ bgm of the movie! 
Ye bhi koi roothne ka din hai [Film: Solva Saal (1958)] <TC>
From the song 'Ya Ghozayel', composed by Rahbani brothers and sung by Lebanese singer Fairuz. 
Listen to Yeh bhi koi rootne ki (Solva Saal) - Arab Feast (Ya Ghozayel)
SDB, in all probabilities, derived inspiration from the original Rahbani Brothers number. The same song (Ya Ghozayel) was titled 'Arab Feast' when it was included as part of the Ron Goodwin compilation, 'Music for an Arabian Night', which was released in 1959.
Chahe koi khush [Film: Taxi driver (1954)]
Inspired by the Italian folk tune, 'Tarantella'.
Listen to Chahe koi khush | Tarantella
Also listen to Shankar Jaikishen's version of the same - Shankar Jaikishen's page, 10th item!
Chalti ka naam gadi <TC>
Two popular lifts from Kishoreda's Chalti ka naam gadi (1958). These songs were apparently lifted by S D Burman on Kishore Kumar's insistence! 'Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si' is inspired by the song 'Sixteen Tons' (1955), while 'Hum the woh thi' is inspired by the song 'The Watermelon song' (1957), both by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Interestingly the lift in 'Ek ladki...' looks pretty minimal, I mean the kind of Hindi song that has come out of the original sounds drastically different and of course, much more enjoyable!
Listen to Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si | Sixteen Tons
Listen to Hum the woh thi | The Watermelon song
Yeh dil na hota [Jewel Thief (1967)]
Inspired by the song River Kwai March from the soundtrack of the David Lean classic, The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
Listen to Yeh dil na hota | River Kwai March
Can be called as the true inspiration, 'cos both the songs have such a unique sound! One of this site's visitors, Anoop, wrote in to say that he remembers Asha Bhonsle talking about this in Vividh Bharathi....that SDB and RDB were returning after watching the David Lean movie and SDB was tapping on the dashboard of their car, trying to improvise on the movie's theme tune, to create the Jewel Thief number! Interestingly the antra of the same Jewel Thief number reminded me of one of the faster versions of the Spanish classic, 'Perfidia', which had original Spanish words and music by Alberto Dominguez. The cover instrumental version by The Venturers is a lot faster than Alberto's original and is what is added here! You may find the opening of Perfidia and the antara of 'yeh dil na hota' a bit similar. Listen to the Hindi number from point 00:40:00 onwards!
Listen to Perfidia
Yeh Chanda Ruus Ka [Insaan Jaag Utha (1959)] <TC>
Lifted off 'Barefoot Girl' from the compilation 'Music for an Arabian Night'. Originally titled 'Albint Al Shalabiyya', composed by Rahbani Brothers.
Listen to Yeh Chanda Ruus Ka | Barefoot Girl
Saala main tho [Sagina (1974)] <TC>
Lifted directly off a 1957 Italian track, 'Chella Llà', by the legendary Renato Carosone.
Listen to Sala main to | Chella Llà
Lifted! Most recently, 'Sala main to...' was used as-is for a scene in Darmesh Darshan's 'Raja Hindustani'.


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