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Ilayaraja [Tamil]

Kanavu kaanum [Film: Neengal Kettavai] <TC>
Ditto replica of the song 'kasme vaade' from the movie Upkaar. Music by Kalyanji Anandji!
Listen to Kanavu kaanum | Kasme vaade
Its my duty to add that a talk that KA and IR exchanged songs (IR had supposedly 'given' the song 'Ilaya nila' to KA!) has been doing the rounds for quite some time.
Theme from Mouna Raagam [Film: Mouna Raagam] 
Inspired from the theme of the film Flash Dance by Giorgio Moroder.
Listen to Mouna Raagam BGM | Flash Dance
Inspired! No direct lift but a very beautiful adaptation of the Flash Dance theme. 'Adaptation' would be the best word to describe this. But you sure can find out traces which confirms IR listening to the Flash Dance theme for inspiration. 
Chittu kuruvi [Film: Chinna Veedu] <TC>
Inspired from Antonin Dvorak's Symphony 9 - New World. The actual track is Sym No. 9 in e, Op. 95: Scherzo: Molto Vivace.
Listen to Chittu kuruvi | Antonin Dvorak's Symphony 9 (The beginning of the Tamil song can be distinctly heard in this clip. Make sure you have your speaker volumes in max, it starts with a very low volume)
An exceptionally beautiful case of genuine inspiration. This is how a composer of repute gets inspired for his compositions. This can never ever be called plagiarism. Such instances are really rare and probably more common if we dig deep into Ilayaraja's compositions! Truly, a masterpiece!
Kan malargalin [Film: Thaippongal]
Inspired from ABBA's Money money money
Just the beginning of the song. 
Darling darling darling [Film: Priya]
Inspired from Boney M's number, Sunny
Again, just the beginning.
Entha poovilum vaasam [Film: Murattukkaalai]
Inspired from Antonio Ruiz-Pipo's 'Cancione et Danza: 2. Danza'.
Listen to Entha poovilum vaasam undu | Cancion et Danza: 2. Danza
The opening portion is surely inspired. But a typical Ilayaraja-like intricate work!
Ada veetukku veetukku [Film: Kizhakku Vaasal]
Inspired from Mozart's 25th symphony, 1st movement.
Good case of inspiration. Surely cannot call it copying. This is the signature tune of Titan watch advts on TV, composed by none other than A R Rahman!
Thannanam [Film: Yathra (1985)] <TC>
Thiyyani [Film: Nireekshana (1981)] <TC>
Poottukkal [Film: Chatriyan (1991)]
Inspired from the song 'My favorite things' from the all time classic Sound of Music!
Listen to Thannannam | Poottukkal | Thiyyani | My favorite things
Again, good case of inspiration. Raja had made enough adaptations to suit this to an Indian film song, but the inspiration is quite apparent. Was this a request from Balu? Yet another Ilayaraja track that seems to use mild bits of the same original is the 1990 Chatriyan number, 'Poottukkal pottaalum'. Here the tune is completely changed with only marginal resemblances to the Sound of Music hit. Incidentally, Raja had first used this tune in the 1981 Telugu film Nireekshana, by Balu Mahendra, for the song, 'Thiyyani'!
Chittukku chella chittukku [Film: Nallavanukku Nallavan] <TC>
Possibly inspired by Rimsky-Korsakov's 'The Tale Of The Kalendar Prince', from his 1888 work by name 'Scheherazade'. 
Listen to Chittukku chella chittukku | Tale of Kalendar Prince
Given Ilayaraja's love for Western Classical music, it sounds plausible...also taking into account his past inspirations from the likes of Antonin Dvorak! Nikolai Andreevich Rimsky-Korsakov is one of the leading 19th century Russian nationalist composers. 'Scheherazade' was written almost towards the end of Rimsky's career and life...as he put it himself in his memoirs, it "closes a period of my work, at the end of which my orchestration had attained a considerable degree of virtuosity and warm sonority"
Kaadhal Vandhiruchu [Film: Kalyanaraman (1979)] 
A prominent portion partly inspired by the song 'Lady in Black' by the rock band Uriah Heep!
Listen to Kaadhal Vandhiruchu | Lady in Black
Lady in Black was part of Uriah Heep's 1970 album, 'Salisbury'.
Akkarai seemai azhaginiley [Film: Priya (1978)] <TC>
The opening is inspired by the 1967 British single 'Kites' by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound.
Listen to Akkarai seemai | Kites
When I say opening, I mean the first 2 lines of both the songs sound DITTO! And coming from a composer of Ilayaraja's stature, this is quite a shocker!
More on Simon Dupree and the Big Sound!
Simon Dupree was a pop band with the three brothers Shulman in the lead. Derek called himself Simon Dupree. They reached the British Top 10 with the single "Kites," a psychedelic single in the Beatles vein, and which was hated by the band! The band hated being a sort of cabaret band in the late 60's, when they even had to open for Beach Boys. Derek hated more and more being marketed as Simon Dupree. 

Another interesting anecdote about this group and a person named 'Reg', goes thus (as narrated by one of the brothers, Ray Shulman) ..."Reg played with Simon Dupree & the Big sound for a couple of months when our keyboard player Eric Hine was recovering from glandular fever. We toured Scotland during this time and became good friends. One night in a scottish hotel he played us what was to become songs from Reg's first album including 'Your Song'. Of course we fell about laughing especially when he said he was changing his name. We got on so well that Reg wanted to stay with us. At a session in Abbey Road studios he played on a track called 'Laughing boy from nowhere' and we recorded one of his songs. We stayed in touch for quite a time after that and I used to go to see Reg and Bernie Taupin in Watford where they lived. I also went down to the studio when he was recording his first album" 
- - Reg changed his name to Elton John and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history!
A B C nee vaasi [Film: Oru kaidhiyin diary (1984)] <TC>
Inspired by George Bizet's 1897 L'Arlésienne Suite Number One, 4th movement, called 'Carillon' (Allegro moderato).
Listen to A B C nee vaasi | L'Arlésienne Suite No.1-Carillon
Inspired? Homage?.....Internalized? :-)
More on L'Arlésienne Suites! >> Here!


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