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Nadeem Shravan [Hindi]

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se - title song [Film: Dhadkan] <TC>
Copied from Abdul Majeed Abdullah's song 'Ahibak Leh'. 
Listen to Dil ne yeh | Ahibak Leh
Super lift. Shameless, on Nadeem Shravan's part!
Aksar is duniya mein [Film: Dhadkan] <TC>
Copied from Lebanese singer Najwa Karam's song 'Ashtany', from her album 'Rooh roohi'.
Listen to Aksar is | Ashtany
Whoa! Whats happening here? Nadeem seems to have gone into listening middle eastern tracks ever since he landed in UK! Such shameless copying and last heard that Nadeem said that they deserve a Filmfare award for their score for Dhadkan! How unfair!
Yoonhi kat jaayega [Film: Hum Hain raahi pyaar ke] <TC>
From the Greek singer Demis Roussos's number Lovely lady of Arcadia!
Listen to Yunhi kat jaayega | Lovely lady of arcadia
What a find!!!! 
Yah Dilruba yah Dilruba [Film: Aatish] <TC>
From the track 'mustafa ya mustafa'
Listen to Ya dilruba | Ya mustafa
The original was a traditional Egyptian track made popular by the French version of Bob Azzam.
Tumhay Apna Bananay ki [Film: Sadak] <TC>
Direct lift from Pakistani singer Mussarrat Nazir's 'Chale tu kat hi jaaye'!
Listen to Tumhe apna banane | Chale tu kat hi jaaye
Typical of Nadeem Shravan!
Kissika yaar na bichhde [Film: Shreeman Aashique]
From Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'kissen da yaar na vichhde'
Looking for the Hindi track!
Mujhe ek pal [Film: Judai] <TC>
Ripped off from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's original 'sanu ek pal' 
Gawah hain [Film: Damini] <TC>
From the African number Malaika. The version added here is by Harry Belafonte and Mariam Makeba!
Listen to Gawah hai | Malaika
An inspiration?? But Bappida has lifted this long before Nadeem Shravan have in Runa Laila's 1983 private pop album, Superuna. The song was 'Pukaro'!
Kitna pyara tujhe [Film: Raja hindustani] <TC>
From  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's original 'kinna sona' 
Listen to Kitna pyara tujhe | Kinna sona
Ditto! Shameful!
Don't break my Heart [Film: Mohobbat] <TC>
From  Stereo Nation's I've been waiting! 
Nazren Mili Dil Dhadka [Film: Raja] <TC>
From  the theme of Come September! 
O Mere Sapnon ke Saudagar [Film: Dil hai ki maanta nahi] <TC>
From Cliff Richard's Bachelor Boy. 
Copied! Of course!
Tu meri zindagi hai [Film: Aashiqui] <TC>
Lifted ditto from Pakistani singer Tasavvur Khanum's song 'Tu meri zindagi hai'
Listen to Tu meri zindagi hai (Aashiqui) | Tu meri zindagi hai (Tasavvur Khanum)
I guess both the composer and lyricist have lifted together - 'partners in crime', I suppose!
Dil mera tod diya [Film: Kasoor] <TC>
From Noor Jehan's 'Woh mera ho na saka'! Lifted lock stock and barrel! 
Listen to Dil mera | Woh mera
Shameful, as usual!
Pehli baar mile hain [Film: Saajan] <TC>
Inspired from Suzanne Vega's 'Solitude standing'! 
Listen to Pehli baar | Solitude standing
Partly inspired!
Tumhe chede hawa chanchal [Film: Salaami] <TC>
Inspired from Demis Roussos' 'Lovely lady of arcadia'!
Listen to Tumhe chede | Lovely lady of arcadia
Oh sure, inspired. This is the second Nadeem Shravan song inspired by this original Demis number. The other one is 'Yunhi kat jaayega' from HHRPK! Check out entry no. 03 in this page!!!
Maine pyaar tumhise kiya hai [Film: Phool aur kaante] <TC>
Lifted from Pakistani singer Mussarat Nazir's 'Mujhe dekh ke biin bajaaye'
Listen to Maine pyaar tumhise | Mujhe dekh ke
Lifted ditto!
Jo mere dil mein [Film: Junoon] <TC>
Blatant lift from the Sound of music number 'my favourite things'!
Listen to Jo mere dil mein | My favourite things
I love my India [Film: Pardes (1997)] 
Inspired by Kitaro's 'Dance with Saraswati' (1994, Album: Mandala). There are 2 portions which sound similar to Kitaro's number...the beginning, which has been lifted almost exactly and a prominent instrumental piece that comes bang in the middle.
Listen to I love my India (Opening portion) | Dance of Saraswati (Opening portion)
Listen to I love my India (Middle portion) | Dance of Saraswati (Middle portion)
All said, the Pardes number is quite an achievement and full credit to Nadeem Shravan for that! Incidentally, another song that came to my mind while I was listening to this particular 'middle portion' from Kitaro and Pardes was the new song from Badhai Ho Badhai, 'Mere dil bata'! I'm not saying that its lifted, but it sounds sorta similar. In all probabilities, a coincidence! But with Anu Malik at the helm of affairs, one can never say!
Listen to Mere dil bata
Dil laga liya [Film: Dil Tumhara Hai] <TC>
Blatant lift from Hadiqa Kiyani's Pakistani number 'Boohey Barian'!
Listen to Dil laga liya | Boohey Barian
Nadeem Shravan have lifted a song already lifted very recently by Nikhil VInay for the title song of Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam. Sick! Check Hindi - Others page, listing no. 28!
Pal do pal ki zindagi and Chehra kamal hai [Film: Maine Jeena Seekh Liya (1982)] <TC>
Lifted from Simon and Garfunkel's 'Sounds of Silence' (1965) and composer M.Ashraf's Pakistani film song, 'Aankhen ghazal hai' from the 1978 film, 'Saheli'.
Listen to Pal do pal ki zindagi | Sounds of silence
Listen to Chehra kamal hai | Aankhen ghazal hai
Absolutely stunning. 'Maine Jeena Seekh Liya' happens to be Nadeem Shravan Hindi debut. Two lifts in their debut is sure something! The original Pakistani song is sung by Asad Amanat Ali. Now, as you listen to the first line in both the songs, they do sound similar, but the 2nd traverses a slightly different path. And, you may be tempted to give Nadeem Shravan the benefit of doubt. But, persist patiently to the antara and it proves beyond all doubt that the song is nothing but a blatant lift. Every small nuance there is lifted. Another shocking thing while I found while editing the audio clips - the prelude, mukhda, interlude, anatara are all nearly identical in their time lines! Almost like the composing duo took a copy of the original and replaced things systematically to come up with their version! Two lifts in their debut...sounds quite cheap! But now we know where Shravan's sons - Sanjeev Darshan - got the inspiration to lift almost all the songs in their debut, Mann!
Aap humse pyaar [Film: Indian Babu (2002)] <TC>
Lifted from the Pakistani song, 'Karan mein nazara' from the 1999 movie Churiyan, music by Zulfiqar Ali.
Listen to Aap humse pyaar (Indian Babu) | Karan mein nazara (Churiyan)
Also listen to Sanjeev Darshan's version of the same original in Rishthey! Sanjeev Darshan page, 9th listing!
Koyi na koyi chaahiye [Film: Deewana (1992)] 
Inspired by the song, 'Bird Boy' by Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos.
Listen to Koyi na koyi chahiye | Bird Boy
The original piece (a 2 line piece in the original) appears just about thrice in the whole song which is otherwise an instrumental track. Its this particular piece that Nadeem Shravan have used to create the prominent part 'koyi na koyi chahiye' in the Deewana number - its a pretty intelligent inspiration, in my opinion - a bit too intelligent, going by Nadeem Shravan's past lifts!
Trivia note on Nana Vasconcelos: As a 12 year old, prodded by an inquisitive ear that led him from the music of Brazil's greatest composer, Villa Lobos, to Jimi Hendrix, Nana came to learn all the Brazialian percussion instruments and, by the early Sixties, came to specialize in the 'berimbau' (the berimbau is an instrument that resembles a bow strung with steel wire, with a resonating gourd at the bottom. The berimbau was brought to Brazil from Africa and is used to accompany capoeira, a martial art that combines dancing and fighting - quite sounds like our Indian 'ektara'!!). He has taken this instrument far beyond its traditional uses and is acknowledge as its foremost player. But it was in 1976 when Nana Vasconcelos moved to New York that he started getting recognised as a percussionist, appearing on albums by Pat Metheny, Talking Heads, Keith Jarrett and B.B. King. His own group was called The Bushdancers and included Cyro Baptista, a Brazilian percussionist who has recorded with Derek Bailey. He has been a member of Norwegian saxophonist/composer Jan Garbarek's Quartet recording and touring extensively. He has continued to work with long-time collaborators Don Cherry and Trilok Gurtu, as well as forging new associations, for instance, with the Norwegian bassist Arild Anderson, with UK saxophonist Andy Sheppard, and with the French pianist Jean-Marie Machado. Amongst many records he appears on Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints album. 
Kitna pyaara [Film: Raaz (2001)] <TC>
Lifted from the Begum Akhtar ghazal 'Aye mohobbat tere anjaam pe rona aayaa'.
Listen to Kitna pyaara | Aye mohobbat tere
The Begum Akhtar ghazal has lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni and composed by Begum Akhtar herself, if I'm not mistaken.
Saat Rang Ke Sapne - Title song [Film: Saat Rang Ke Sapne (1998)] <TC>
Lifted from the Malayalam song, 'Poo venam'.
Listen to Saat rang ke sapne - title track | Poo Venam
The music cassettes and CDs of Saat Rang Ke Sapne (1998), the Priyadarshan directed Arvind Swamy - Anupam Kher - Juhi Chawla starrer came out with no credits whatsoever to the composers. The composers were Nadeem Shravan and Big B audio which released the music deliberately omitted their names due to Nadeem making headlines for his alleged involvement in the Gulshan Kumar murder case [this is the version I remember reading at the time of release!]. While the movie was a remake of the Malayalam hit 'Thenmavin Kombathu' (starring Mohanlal and Shobana, with music by Benny Iglasius who had cleverly 'adapted' an Ilayaraja track from the Tamil film Marupadiyum, for one of the songs), its the songs that have a shady past and itself contribute to the mystery as to who actually composed the songs in this film. 2 songs from this movie are rip-offs of Malayalam songs. The title song was a direct lift from the Malayalam song 'Poo venam' from the 1987 movie, 'Oru Minna Minunginte Nurungu' with music by Johnson. Another song by Udit Narayan, 'Jhooti jhooti' was lifted from another Malayalam song, 'Paathirakili' from the 1992 Mammooty starrer, Kizhakkan Pathrose.

A few interesting things to note here...Did Priyadarshan, who is an acclaimed film maker in Kerala, have a hand in 'importing' these tracks? Who exactly composed the music for the film....if its indeed Nadeem Shravan, its pretty strange that they focused their attention to lifting from their South as against their usual, Middle East! Now all this makes this soundtrack, terribly murky. 
Jhooti jhooti [Film: Saat Rang Ke Sapne (1998)] <TC>
Lifted from the Malayalam song 'Paathirakili'
Listen to Jhooti jhooti | Paathirakili

Amma dekh [Film: Stuntman (1995)] <TC>

Lifted from a 1991 rave track called 'On a ragga tip' by the band SL2.
Listen to Amma dekh | On a ragga tip
A Punjabi singer, Palvinder Dhami claimed that 'Amma dekh' was his original composition. Dhami's band, 'Heera' was started way back in 1980 but he was known to Indians only after an Indian concert in 1995. 'On a ragga tip' by SL2, also sounds exactly same as 'Amma dekh'. And this was released in 1991. Considering Dhami's existence since 1980, was the rave track plagiarised? I was not able to ascertain the release year of Palvinder Dhami's version of this song. But the fact remains that Nadeem Shravan have lifted this song, that made Bali Brahmabhatt quite popular! Do you know when Palvinder Dhami's version came out....do let me know! Check out this website for the full version of the Ragga Tip track in real audio format...you'd find a lot more similarities between the two in the full version...I've edited it to show only the main tune's lift! Specific music pieces have also been lifted!!!
Trivia Notes: SL2 (named after the SL1200 turntables) is a band that started in the early 90s with DJ Slipmatt (real name Matthew Nelson) and fellow Essex DJ, DJ Lime. They had three chart singles including "On a Ragga Tip" which reached number 2 in the Gallup charts. 

Aisi Deewangi [Film: Deewana (1992)] <TC>

Inspired by the 1976 Kannada film song, 'Kanasalu Neene' from the movie Bayalu Dari.
Listen to Aisi Deewangi | Kanasalu Neene
'Bayalu Dari' had music by the duo Rajan-Nagendra. When you listen to both the songs, you'd notice that Nadeem Shravan have adapted the song considerably, to suit the Hindi crowd, but you just can't miss the inspiration.
Trivia Notes: More on the composing duo Rajan-Nagendra.
Dil Chura Liya [Film: Qayamat (2003)] <TC>
Lifted off a Greek track called 'Margarites' by Angela Dimitriou.
Listen to Dil Chura Liya | Margarites
The original is actually called 'Margarites' (and not 'Magapas' as noted earlier). The refrain in the song that must have led to the wrong title is M'agapai (and not M'agapas) which means 'He/ she loves me'. 

Joi Devivre aka Swati who sent me this ifnormation, also adds, "I guess the Turko-Arabic influences in her music come from her being the offspring of Greek migrants from Asia Minor (now in Turkey). Of course I had trouble locating the song, since it is not called M'agapas at all. The title is 'Margarites' and was extremely popular in Arabic speaking countries as well. The song seems to be a cross between modern laika and tsifteteli, both genres of Greek music that are immensely popular. Tsifteteli is often described as Greek belly dancing music and is heavily influenced by Arabic and Turkish arabesk sounds". 
Oh sanam kuja beri [Film: Sheen (2004)]
Generously inspired by a traditional Afghan ('Dari' dialect, actually) folk song called 'Oh Khanum kuja beri'.
Listen to Oh sanam (Sheen) | Oh Khanum (Ahmad Wali)
The version of the Afghan song included here is by singer Ahmad Wali.
Trivia Notes: Also check out the discussion on this track in the newsgroup RMIM
Aayega Mazaa Ab Barsaat Ka [Film: Andaaz (2003)] <TC>
Straight lift from Pakistani singer Khalil Haider's hit track from the 90s, 'Naye Kapray Badal Kar'
Listen to Aayega Mazaa | Naye Kapray Badal Kar
These guys are completely hopeless!
Mohobbat se ziada [Film: Gumnaam (2004)] <TC>
Lifted from Suraiyya Multanikar's 'Barre bemurawwat' in the 1966 film, Badnaam with music by Deebo.
Listen to Mohobbat se ziada | Barre bemurawwat
I'm now reasonably sure that almost every other Nadeem Shravan song is lifted either off a Pakistani song or a Middle Eastern song. Its just a matter of time before we get to know all of them!
Dheere dheere se [Film: Aashiqui (1990)] <TC>
Inspired by Joyce Sims' 'Come into my life' (1987).
Listen to Dheere dheere se | Come into my life
Even after 5 years of working for itwofs, some of the lifts really jolt me. This is one of those lifts, moreso 'cos the Hindi track is a very very cherished song that brings back my college days every time I hear it. There are two interesting things to note here. The lyricist Rani Malik would have been definitely aware of the original...'Mere zindagi mein aana' vs 'Come into my life'? And second, the Aashiqui track has a 4 line mukhda that is entirely lifted while Nadeem Shravan use their imagination for the rest of the track. Really sad!
Tumhari nazron [Film: Kal ki awaaz (1992)] <TC>
Lifted off by Noor Jehan's 'Hamari saanson' from the 1972 Pakistani film, 'Mere Hazoor' with music by M Ashraf.
Listen to Tumhari nazron | Hamari saanson
The original is a beautiful track sung amazingly by Noor Jehan. But where Nadeem Shravan score in their version is the addition of some fine nuances that make the Hindi track quite memorable! For example, that small twist at, 'ajab si chaahat', which deviates from the original. Small innovations, I guess!
Film: Pyar ka saaya (1991) <TC>
Aaja Aaja, inspired by Dolly Parton's 1974 track, 'Jolene'.
Tumse thoda sa main, inspired by Demis Roussos' 1974 track, 'My only fascination'
Listen to Aaja aaja | Jolene
Listen to Tumse thoda sa | My only fascination
A typical Nadeem Shravan style inspiration...also check out Rajesh Roshan's more direct usage as a prelude, in Rajesh Roshan page, No. 37. Tumse... is pretty interesting usage - notice how prominent this chorus is in the original - it starts the track and also appears across the song. And as for the second one, I love the inspired version - 'Tumse thoda sa main' from the 1991 Rahul Roy starrer 'Pyaar ka saaya'. Yes, that godawful 'Ghost' remake that everyone involved would love to forget and ItwoFS already lists a lift from this soundtrack (Listing no. 35, above)! But this song, along with the title track describe the very essential Nadeem Shravan sound with all the usual sounds topped by Kumar Sanu's very nasal, but now legendary vocals. Anyway, 'Tumse' uses the tune of a very prominent chorus from Demis Roussos' (the duo's third inspiration from the Greek legend!) 1974 track, 'My only fascination'. Notice how prominent this chorus is in the original - it starts the track and also appears across the song.
Door wadiyon (Ek chehra) [Film: Tumse acha kaun hai (2002)] <TC>
Direct lift from Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi's 2000 hit, 'El layali'.
Listen to Door wadiyon (Ek chehra) | El layali
Utterly unimaginative and blatant rip...the unusual song structure that starts with the chorus and gets into the mukhda...the whole thing is lifted with just the lyrics replaced in Hindi.
Film: Dil ka kya kasoor (1992) <TC>
01. Dil jigar nazar kya hai - Inspired by the track, 'Escape' by The Ventures
02. Ga raha hoon - Lifted off Mehdi Hasan's 'Na koi gila'
Listen to Dil jigar nazar | Escape - The Ventures
Listen to Ga raha hoon | Na koi gila
'Escape' by The Ventures was part of their 1966 album, 'Go with The Ventures'! The same track has also been lifted by Telugu composer Keeravani (known as Maragadhamani in Tamil and MM Kreem in Hindi) for a 1998 Tamil film, Kondaattam, in the track, 'Mai vizhi'. Check Tamil - Others page, listing no. 37.
Jaane jigar jaan-e-mann [Film: Aashiqui (1990)] <TC>
Significantly inspired by the Pakistani track, 'Bas ek tere siva' composed by Robin Ghosh, for the film, 'Dooriyan' (1984)
Listen to Jaane jigar jaane | Bas ek tere siva

The original was sung by Akhlaq Ahmed and Mehnaz. To give some credit to Nadeem Shravan, they have indeed remixed the track rather well. Another interesting related story here is the fact that Dooriyan was (f)re(e)made in Hindi as 'Aandhiyan' in the same year - 1990 - when Aashiqui released. This was also actress Mumtaz's so-called come back film! Even more interesting is the song, 'Duniyan mein tere siva', the song from Aandhiyan, composed by Bappi Lahiri, is supposedly based on, what else, 'Bas ek tere siva'.

Two things in this track, that came out in the same year as Aashiqui
- It seems to be sung by Anuradha Paudwal (who sang the Aashiqui number too!) and Udit Narayan (and not Kumar Sanu, as this Ultraindia site mentions). Secondly, Bappi Lahiri's version of 'Bas ek tere siva' sounds to me like a more direct precursor to the Aashiqui track - the ascending progression in the 2nd line, 'Koi nahi hai mere' with specific changes 'Koi' and 'Mera' are much closer to 'Mujhko' and 'Kasam' in the Aashiqui song's line 2! Of course, Nadeem Shravan change the pattern from line 3 onwards, albeit, mildly.

Which leaves us clearly confused since we cannot arrive at a possible conclusion as to who inspired whom, since both Aandhiyan and Aashiqui released in 1990! Safer to say that both the Indian versions are inspired by the Pakistani version! Oh well, I can however add to the confusion and leave you with a note that all these 3 songs actually sound somewhat like Shankar Jaikishen's 1962 track, 'Main chali main chali' from the Shammi Kapoor starrer, Professor!! What do you think?

Listen to Duniya mein tere siva (Aandhiyan)

Bahut pyaar karte hain [Film: Saajan (1991)] <TC>
Lifted directly from the Pakistani song, 'Bahut khoobsurat hai mera sanam', composed by M Ashraf and sung by Mehdi Hassan, for the Pakistani film, 'Aabshar' (1978).
Listen to Bahut pyaar karte hain | Bahut khoobsurat hai
The version of the original above is by Ghulam Ali. Do let me know if you have the actual track by Mehdi Hassan.
Mujko milgaya [Film: Jeena sirf mere liye (2002)] <TC>
Inspired by Naheed Akhtar's Pakistani song, 'Yeh ranginiye nau bahar'.
Listen to Mujhko milgaya | Yeh ranginiye
These guys are terrible.
Tere bina ik pal (Aa ab laut chale, 1999) <TC>
Based entirely on Noor Jehan's Punjabi-Pakistani song, Tere bin pal vi.
Listen to Tere bina ik pal | Tere bin pal vi
Original composer, year - unknown.
O rabba (Zamana Deewana, 1995) <TC>
Lifted off composer M.Ashraf's 1975 song, Chahe duniya ho khafa, from the Pakistani film, Noukar.
Listen to O rabba | Chahe duniya ho khafa
The singers were Mehdi Hassan, Naheed Akhtar.
Pyasa kuen ke paas (Dil Tera Aashiq, 1993) <TC>
Lyrics and tune copied exactly from the 1975 M.Ashraf composed track, Pyasa Kunwen kay paas.
Listen to Pyasa kuen ke paas | Pyasa Kunwen kay paas
The song was in the Pakistani film, Mera naam hai mohabbat and was sung by Mehdi Hassan.
Itna bhi na chaho (Sambandh, 1996) <TC>
Lyrics and tune lifted blatantly from a similarly titled song composed by M.Ashraf for the 1974 Pakistani film, Parda na uthao.
Listen to Itna bhi na chaho | Itna bhi na chaho (Original)
The original's singer was Nayyara Noor.
Coming Coming (Rang, 1993) <TC>
Lifted from Culture Club's Karma Chameleon (1983).
Listen to Coming coming | Karma Chameleon
Sigh! Also listen to Bappi Lahiri's earlier lift of the same original - Bappi Lahiri page - No. 5.
Mujhe kya pata (Bekhudi, 1992) <TC>
Lifted from the Pakistani film, 'Basera' - the song, 'Nahi kuch pata' sung by Nahid Akhtar, with music by M. Ashraf.
Listen to Mujhe kya pata | Nahi kuch pata
Nadeem Shravan were the chosen ones to compose music for the acting debut of Kajol, in 1992 - the film, Bekhudi. One of the songs from the film, 'Mujhe kya pata tera ghar hai kahan' seems to be a replica of a Pakistani song, 'Nahi kuch pata'. Even the lyrics are exactly similar, in meaning and the choice of words! The original was from the film, 'Basera' (1984) and was sung by Nahid Akhtar. The music composer was someone Nadeem and Shravan by now owe a large chunk of their careers to....M.Ashraf. I really hope and wish M.Ashraf's estate/ family is reading this and other instances listed in ItwoFS and take suitable action against the composing duo for all the memorable hits they've lifted from this amazing Pakistani composer - Bahut naainsaafi hai ye, bahut naaeinsaafi!
Kitni Chaahat Chupaaye (Himmatvar, 1996) <TC>
Lifted from, 'Dil mein toofan chupaaye baitha hoon' from the 1975 Pakistani film, Naiki Baddi
Listen to Kitni chaahat chupaaye | Dil mein toofan chupaaye
Sometimes, I get really, really tired when I listen to beautiful Pakistani originals being mauled by Indian composers...predominantly by Nadeem Shravan. They simply 'take' the main tune, spice it up with their standard brand of rhythms and other trusted paraphernalia like Kumar Sanu, and offer it as a new, 'original' song! Here's a neat example of this act, though I'd categorize this as 'inspiration' and not blatant lift - the song, 'Kitni Chaahat Chupaaye' from the 90s Talat Jani potboiler, Himmatvar, starring the blood-sucking (Main tera khoon pee jaaoonga?) Dharmendra. Music, of course by Nadeem Shravan. The original? 'Dil mein toofan chupaaye baitha hoon' from the 1975 Pakistani film, Naiki Baddi. The film had music by Nashaad (aka Shaukat Dehelvi or Shaukat Husain, and not to be confused with Wajid Ali Nashad, who was yet another composer from Pakistan but made his debut in 1977, with the Pakistani film, Parasstish). The song had vocals by none other than Mehdi Hassan. Note the similarity in lyrics too - just goes on the prove that lyricist Sameer was completely aware of the plagiarism too!


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