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Sanjeev Darshan [Hindi]


Film: Mann (1999) <TC>
01. Kaali naagin jaisi: Lifted from Rachid Taha's 'Ya Rayah'.
02. Tinak tin tana: Lifted exactly from the Malaysian song 'yang sedang-sedang saja' by Iwan
[There are frequent allegations that Malaysian pop music (called 'dangdut') borrows heavily from Hindi film music - but this is a sure-shot case for the reverse. According to Iwan, his song came out in 1997, while Mann came in 1999. Check out Iwan's interview in an online magazine - you'd need a Malay-English translator to know what it means. Just copy-paste the 5th question and its answer and translate via the site mentioned!]
03. Chaha hai tujko: Lifted blatantly from Tamil composer SA Rajkumar's 'Etho oru paattu' from the movie 'Unnidathil ennai koduthen'
04. Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai: Lifted note to note from L'Italiano by Italian composer Toto Cutugno!
05. Kehna Tumse Kehna: The prelude and the feel of the song lifted entirely from 'Liquid' by Jars of Clay (1995).

06. Khushiyaan aur gham: Plagiarized directly off the song, Come Vorrei, by one of the most popular Italian pop music groups, Ricchi & Poveri (from their 1981 album, E Penso A Te)
Listen to Kaali naagin | Ya rayah
Listen to
Tinak tin tana | Yang sedang sedang saja
Listen to Chaha hai tujko | Etho oru paattu
Listen to Nasha yeh pyaar ka | L'Italiano
Listen to Kehna Tumse Kehna | Liquid

Listen to Khushiyaan aur gham | Come Vorrei
This would go down in the history of Indian cinema as the worst debut by any composer - 6 blatant lifts in one debut!
Mohobbat mohobbat [Film: Style] <TC>
From the song by Amr Diab, Habibi. Also copied by Telugu music director, Koti for the Chiranjeevi starrer 'Master'. Also by Biddu for the group Sansara as an Indi-pop song!
Listen to Mohobbat | Habibi
Yeh hai style [Film: Style] <TC>
Inspired by the classic oldie 'Volare'. Included here is Connie Francis' version!
Listen to Yeh hai style | Volare
Sure, inspired! That makes it 2 for this album Style!
Tum kya jaano [Film: Aashiq] <TC>
From the Love theme in Godfather, by Nino Rota.
Listen to Tum kya jaano | Godfather Love Theme
Ditto! Also check out Anu Malik's version of the same original - Anu Malik page, 12th item! An interesting trivia rejoinder: One of this site's visitors, CB, wrote in asking if I thought the Godfather love theme sounds similar to Dimitri Tiomkin's Academy Award winning score for 'High Noon' (the song was also called 'Do not forsake me...'). When I heard Dimitri's number, I felt it sure did have traces of Nino's score....or the other way round, since Nino's Godfather score came in 1972 while High Noon came in 1951!. Incidentally CB remembered such a similarity after listening to the Aashiq number! Try listening to the High Noon number and compare it with Akele hum akele tum's 'Raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya'....the opening is very much there but with subtle differences and even the part which goes 'dil jigar dono ghayal...'! Surprising! Interestingly, both Dimitri Tiomkin and Nino Rota have won Academy awards for their respective works in High Noon and The Godfather. Its a different story that the Academy realized that some of the music for The Godfather was recycled from an Italian movie ('Fortunella') that Nino had scored some time back and declared it ineligible in its category and withdrew the nomination. However, two years later, Rota was nominated in the same category for his work on "The Godfather: Part II," and this time he won the Oscar (but had to be content by sharing it co-composer, Carmine Coppola, father of director Francis Ford Coppola - and grand dad of actor Nicholas Cage!!)
Listen to Do not forsake me (High Noon)
I Love you [Hamara dil aapke paas hai] <TC>
Lifted straight from the Tamil song 'I love you' from the 1997 movie Uyirodu Uyiraga!
Listen to I love you (Hindi - Copied) | I love you (Tamil - Original)
The composer of the Tamil original version is Vidyasagar.
Film: Rishthey (2002) <TC>
09. Apna Banana Hai: Lifted from the Pakistani song, 'Karan mein nazara' from the 1999 movie Churiyan, music by Zulfiqar Ali. Also listen to Nadeem Shravan's inspiration of the same original in the movie Indian Babu - Nadeem Shravan page, 22nd listing.
10. Deewana deewana: Lifted directly from Egyptian singer Amr Diab's 2000 number Albi Ikhtarak (Album: Tamally Maak, released in 2000).
11. Dilbar dilbar: Lifted lock, stock and barrel from Morrocon-born Arabic singer Samira Saeed's 'Al Bal', from the 1998 album of the same name.
12. Har Taraf Tu Hi Tu: Lifted directly from Amr Diab's 'Baateref' from his album 'Tamally Maak', released in 2000.
13. Yaara Re: Lifted ditto from Lebanese singer Diana Haddad's 'Amaneh' (1997)
Listen to Apna banana hai | Karan mein nazara
Listen to
Deewana deewana | Albi Ikhtarak
Listen to Dilbar Dilbar | Al Bal
Listen to Har Taraf Tu Hi Tu | Baateref
Listen to
Yaara Re | Amaneh
Sanjeev Darshan equal their own record of Mann's 5 lifts in one movie, with Rishthey!
Shukriya Shukriya [Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain (1999)] <TC>
Lifted straight from Middle Eastern singer Amr Diab's 1998 track, 'Awedony'!
Listen to Shukriya Shukriya | Awedony
These guys are pathetic!
Boom boom [Xcuse Me (2003)] <TC>
Copied LSB from Chayanne's 2000 hit, 'Boom boom'
Listen to Boom boom (Xcuse Me) | Boom boom (Chayanne)
Kya maine aaj suna [Film: Hamara dil aapke paas hai (2000)] <TC>
Utterly blatant lift from Amr Diab's 1998 track, 'Kol el kalam'
Listen to Kya maine | Kol el kalam
The original was part of Amr Diab's 1998 album, 'Awedony' (incidentally, this track went by the name, 'Kalast Feek Kol Alkalam' in his very popular all-time hits compilation). This is a straight, unimaginative and blatant lift....its so blatant that its funny!
Dil ke armaan [Film: Aanch (2003)] <TC>
Straight lift off Amr Diab's Eni alem allah (2000)
Listen to Dil ke armaan | Eni alem allah
Lifted 4 years later by Lalit Pandit in the title song of Life mein kabhi kabhi - check out Hindi - Others page, listing no. 74.


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